Mark Mulcahy

Mark Mulcahy


Yes, I'm that MIRACLE LEGION front-man & the singer from POLARIS (the Adventures of Pete & Pete). I have now gone solo...


Mark Mulcahy makes a long-awaited return to the UK from his home in Springfield, Massachusetts for a brief series of shows and in doing so takes a break from recording his new album - the first since 2005's In Pursuit Of Your Happiness. The former Miracle Legion (a band much-lauded by the likes of Thom Yorke and Michael Stipe) frontman's solo career began with Fathering - an album that received un...See more

"Mulcahy offers a timely reminder of what's still possible, the extent to which great music can still blow your fucking mind"
Allan Jones - editor, Uncut

"Mark Mulcahy is crouching at the rear of the stage, tuning up, taking the occasional sip of water .. He slouches up to the microphone wearing Tom Waits's 1974 haircut and holds his mouth open for six seconds. It looks, for a moment, like he's
going to greet us with a standard "How's everyone doing?" banality, but then something extraordinary happens: he sings. The entire crowd appears to hold their breath and freeze simultaneously, as if they've come to watch a singer-songwriter, only to find him replaced by a professional trapeze artist. The former Miracle Legion frontman has the kind of male voice you just don't hear anymore: breathy, acrobatic, sensual, utterly, rapturously in-touch"
The Guardian


Fathering (1997) CD on the Mezzotint Label/Loose RecordsC.O.D. (1999) 7-inch vinyl on Lissy Records
I Just Shot Myself in the Foot Again (2000) EP on Mezzotint
Smilesunset (2001) CD/LP on Mezzotint/Loose
In Pursuit of Your Happiness (2005) CD on Mezzotint/Loose
Love's the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up (2005) EP on Mezzotint