Mark of the Infinite

Mark of the Infinite


These musicians have not only true talent and potential, but the will to cultivate their goals . Taking bits from almost every style of Metal and Jazz, Mark of The Infinite truely have a killer and unique sound. "We are what we are."


Note: until we get our new tracks up, our music
can be heard via our myspace at

Formed in 2005, in Hanford, Ca and maybe one of the craziest Christian Metal bands around. Mark of The Infinite have always enjoyed the fact that their music spans multiple genres from Death Metal to funk without even switching songs. The band sarted playing shows in the tail end of 2006 and have already ammassed a fanbase within their area and beyond.

With roots in extreme metal like Death Metal,
and Doom Metal, they love to experiment with other styles by fusing metal with Jazz and other

"We are what we with it ."


the author

Written By: Luther Kieth Nye

deepest of fears held flow out through the edge fo the ink quill

dwelling on pain helps him out to rip the scab off the wound now

ranting new fables reeling with pain old
open old wounds to make the words move
closed door sealing ghosts of old feelings
author of new words writing down on his soul

write , cope , new, scope, mind, see's, eyes, ink

the fears I realize the words I notize it helps me out
the ghosts thet haunt me I beg them taunt me
they help me out
the fears I archive the words that derive they let me out
inside this room my fears exhume i let them out

oddisies bleak open written with black ink when
the black door is open i feel the fear choking me
venting out pain I keep
wrathes overwhemed within chanting the words written
four walls of onyx to vent my fears on them all
venting out pain I see

this creation

Written By: Mark of the infinite

hostage to conflicts ad all the pain that I hold, and the corrosive hatred now burning deep in my soul
stare at the heavens now making sence of this mess.
as now I stare at the heavens as I gaze at gods gift

create the music from star light and dust
create the the solace for our souls to survive
create this star gazer

star by star each pin hole a memory
searching far to find what I believe
staring at the black night sky embracing truth the love I witness
every star a light to becken me to find his love now listen
look up to the sky now
to his love now
to the truth now
every question answered
through the gazing through embracing

stare now into the stars tonight

of gingerbread and man

Written By: Mark of the Infinite

fall into the gap and much like nike said just do it I suppose sobe you is to be me thinking outside the box just to get inside

we're all for one not to say that that one is for us.
these lies inside sad to say that we sold them our selfs
now rest assured little herd that your meat is not safe
when trend is done butcher comes now we sell out our selfs

cookie cutter molds builds the same ones evey time
like views askewed from you to choose not to be who you are inside
now dawn your prada black abercrombie never looked so good on you
though rest assured theres no assurance in allieing with a lie
now wonder why?


as demons fear! released summer 2007

Set List

Typical 1hr set list:

1. Mark of The Infinite
2. The Author (in a black room)
3. 2p-6x=5150
4. Wsdom Divine
5. Call to Me
6. Descecration of Church and State
7. Ivory Tower
8.This Creation

We have sets that range from 30 mins to 2hr +
If time permits, there can be drum and bass solos
added in.