Mark Of The Sage

Mark Of The Sage


Mark of the Sage has opened the door to a different sound and feel in todays market. Bringing the solid foundations of music past, and blending in todays sounds.Mark of the Sage has created arrangements that keep the listener wanting more.


Flowing like ice water through the veins of America's heartland, Mark of the Sage unleashes a raucous mix of revival and rebellion. With maniacally driven six-stringed chaos and a rhythm section that hits with the power of a wrecking ball yet the precision of a jeweler's mallet, the senses are primed for the melodic twists and turn of phrase that are equally impressive and depressive. The underlying motif of change and the need to adapt push and pull the audience through a myriad of emotions from pre-emptive surrender and submission to bloodlust and revolution. Whether on their first full length album, 2004's Within and Without, or their latest e.p., To Have and To Hold Down, Mark of the Sage take you on a trip down Amnesia Lane, blindfolded, at 120 mph. Angst for the memories.- Mark of the Sage


Our first "EP, Within Without" was done 2003 at "Studio Seven" and was engineered by Dave Copenhaver (Major artist Flaming Lips). This album contained 13 songs and was done analog.

The second "LP, To Have And To Hold Down," 2004 "Creation Labs Studio" engineering for "Drawing Flies" and "Inside The Sound" by Eric C. (Major artist: Hole, Wu-Tang Clan,Nirvana) which was done digitally recorded. Also on the "LP" we had "Swell" and "Nothing," these songs were done anolog by "Studio Seven" Dave Copenhaver.

Also having radio airplay,television spots on several occasions, and acoustical songs recorded live in the radio studio: 100.5 The Katt, 94.7 The Buzz and Q-102.3 Pure Rock,Fox channel 25 "The Locker Room". And still continue to rock the air.

Set List

The set list consits of 17 songs to choose from, depending on our time limitation or what venue. We offer a variation from soft to hard and a mix of both. We enjoy mixing songs up, this way we can play all our music. We had sets that went from 30 minutes to 3 hours; when you start to play longer sets you have to know how to work the crowd. Doing covers songs is a great way to start, but we are very creative and don't need to fill any extra playing time, we do one cover song called "Helter Skelter" which is done with our style. We believe our music is played best with the energy of the fans standing right in front.