Eclectic emotional indie pop/ rock with amazing vocals= Markovic


Two girls and three guys from Gothenburg Sweden brings the most emotional andeclectic indie your way. They have been compared to Suede and Radiohead at their best and their singer Johan Berg was described as "The word fantastic is not just enough, he´s better than fantastic!" by a leading swedisg magazne.

The US- based indie music site It´s A Trap wrote:

"Markovic’s debut almost outlines the organic progression of the melancholy of the mid-90s into the pop music of today, yet "Adoreus" merely reminds us of previous and contemporary efforts, and is in no way hindered by these comparisons. If this is what they are capable of on their first record,
Markovic has a wonderful career ahead of them."

Now go take a listen- enjoy!


Crayons CDsingle
Makebeliever CDsingle
Adoreus CDalbum
All released in Sweden in 2007 and then in Germany in collaboration with Supermusic in 2008.

Set List

Markovic usually brings around 40 minutes of the best alternative rock/ pop with mindblowing vocals from Johan and a powerful performance from the band on stage.