Mark Partin

Mark Partin


I'm a singer/song writer that just wants to sell my songs to someone who wants to sing them.


I've been in and out of bands since i was 16 and able to drive. I learned how to play guitar when i was 9 and drums when i was 10, the bass and lead guitar came later. I've been writing songs since i was 12. I've worked some with build on build in a home recording studeo but i've lost most of that material. I will try to put the audio to my favorite song that i've written with my MBox2 Mini.



Written By: Mark Partin

Verse 1:
Nobody ever told me, that you were the one
My heart just opened up and accepted your love
And i don't wanna see it, come undone
Cause your love has made me, everything i've become

And i wanna be there, when the nights get long
I wanna make it right, when everythings wrong

Oh please hold me and kiss me all night
If anythings wrong baby, we'll be alright
Oh please love me for the rest of your life
Please stand by me and hold on tight
I'll give you everything that a true love can
Just promise me you'll be holding my hand
When it comes to you girl, too much aint enough
And all i need is, Your Sweet Love ... Tonight

Nobody ever told me, the feeling you feel
When you feel the feeling you know is real
No it didn't hit me, like a ton of bricks
It moved in slow but took over real quick

Rpt Bridge

Rpt Chorus

All i need is Your Sweet Love ... Tonight


Nothing on release.

Set List

I do not play gigs anymore. I'm just interested in writing and selling.