Mark Plaisir

Mark Plaisir

 New York City, New York, USA

Real, Sensual, Encouraging, Describing real life experiences. Something that each and every listener can relate to.


On the Caribbean Sea lies the island of Hispaniola and on the left side rests Haiti, which is where Mark Plaisir is from. On August 12 in a hot humid day, the first of four children was born. Even for a Caribbean island, in the climatic reign of Jean Claude “baby doc” Duvalier, Plaisir was born in search of an escape, which he found through poetry, singing and song writing. Plaisir later recruit the help of the guitar, trumpet and piano to help fulfill that mission. Plaisir socked up the island and stirred it with his love compassion and realistic but romantic perspective and pour it in his music. From the political environment, social condition to school yard crush and the love he has for his mother were all inspirations for his music/escape. In 1999 Plaisir migrated to Boston where he devoted himself to the art whole hearted, he joined the Boston Mass choir, stared in various independent films and plays. Plaisir tackled critically acclaimed guest rolls on Law and Order, numerous commercials but never abandoning his first and true love music. Understanding the fickleness of the business, Plaisir enrolled in Boston University as a pre med student in hope of having a backup plan and still be able to have a positive impact on people’s lives. The hunger to create music did not allow him to become a doctor in 2004 he took a break from school and moved to New York City to pursue his music career fulltime.

Plaisir has appeared on the late show with David Letterman and the likes of Wyclef Jean, Usher and Ne-Yo have acknowledged his talent. With one of the hottest tracks circulating on the internet “The Lounge” with one of the most circulating videos on the internet “Bring Heaven to you” Plaisir has built a following in the state and overseas. His brand have become synonymous with excellence; with a calendar that have sold over 10 thousand copies all done himself while touring, work out DVD slated for release Summer of 09’. Plaisir is poised to make his mark on the world through his music, film and fitness it is almost impossible to keep up with him but this site is here to help, so I say welcome and buckle up….enjoy.


Bring Heaven To you,
The lounge

Set List

Quite a few:
Bring heaven to you,
Thinking of you,
Real Love,
The lounge,
You are Heaven
Make it Right

So Sick,
If I was your man,
Let me love you