Mark Prentice

Mark Prentice



Mark Prentice is a gifted vocalist who has a vocal range that spans from Bass to Soprano. His passion for singing started at the age of three when he began harmonizing with his older brother. At the age of four he sang with his first ministry, the 3M’s, a group which consisted of the Prentice siblings. In his teens, he received recognition for his talents by winning Best male Soloist at the National Gospel Competition for High Schools in 1995. Throughout the years, Mark has contributed to some of New York’s hottest ministries: Leon’s Inner Voices, Jules Bartholomew’s Sisters & Brothers, John Cradle’s first recording with the True Deliverance Crusade Choir and internationally renowned saxophonist, Courtney Fadlin’s project. He continues to expand his view of music by observing the Greats; from Opera to Rhythm & Blues, from Coltrane to Coley.

The quality of Marks' voice, his humility and his laughter define his character. He credits his mother, Sister Beatrice for teaching him about the importance of worship. By her example, she showed him how to lay prostrate before the Lord and enjoy the peace that God gives in the midst of a storm. Her teachings laid the foundation for the sound Mark works from today.

This project, My Testimony tells the tale of a young man who emerges from the midst of a storm, victorious, valiant and convinced of God’s purpose for him. Mark’s impassioned message is this; “with God, you have assurance that you can deal with your life, no matter what you are going through. Your life can change. You can achieve peace and joy. This is not a farfetched idea. I pray you hear God’s message of hope.”


My Testimony (2005)