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I'll be here waiting

Written By: Mark Romany

I'll be here Waiting (my love is gone) - copyright 2007 Mark Romany

My love is gone
For oh so long
And when she returns
I’ll be here waiting
Cherishing… the memories that we’ve got
Perishing… it’s so hard to be apart
Replenishing… when I hold her in my arms
(I feel her) Her tender skin…. Puts a tingle in my heart

I’ve seen no one sweeter, You really got to meet her
She’s an artist and a teacher, Got lots of curvy features
Picture perfect Mona Lisa, Her beauty is so timeless
Her temple is my mecca, I really know that I’m blessed
And just when you think - there’s only one thing on her plate
Every day I learn of - something new to appreciate
My baby’s just so cultured; her heart is oh so pure
Got qualities that will endure, for sure

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She’s upright and always smiling, I see wisdom in her eyes and
When I’m down, she’s nutrifying, She always has such perfect timing
When she came into my sights, So gracious yet so tantalizing
knew I had to maker her mine, Never ‘magined what I was finding
When other foolish guys, take the chance to womanize
I’ll be waiting for my girl, no need for you to be surprised
I value and adore her, don’t ever want her leave my side,
If I ever lost her, then how would I survive

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Gonna miss her so, I wish she never had to go
I miss her so, I wish she never had to go
I miss her so, tell my baby come back now
Got to let her know, that she’s so hard to be without
Far from my comfort zone, this world’s not worth living in
Can’t wait for her return, I need to see my love again,
Know I don’t wait in vain, but hurry girl and end this pain,
deep down inside my heart's groaning within...
...groaning within....