Mark Sheehy

Mark Sheehy


Gritty, literate pop-rock that evokes the mordant wit of Warren Zevon, the boozy swagger of the Faces, and the desperate abandon of the Replacements.


Songwriter Mark Sheehy cut his teeth playing guitar in Chicago roots and rock outfits like the Sapphires, Scarecrow, J-200 and Red Star Belgrade. After a Peace Corps assignment in Moldova and several trips to Bosnia to train election supervisors after the war, he returned with a backpack full of songs that became his first solo CD, "Crooked Pictures," which The Chicago Reader’s Monica Kendrick called “well crafted and eloquent.”

Accompanied by either his hard-rocking back-up band or equally hard-rocking accordion player, he has shared the stage with artists such as Tift Merritt, Matthew Ryan, Jay Bennett, David Olney, and Tim Easton.

Sheehy’s new CD, "Rock, Paper, Jesus," has been played on more than 80 stations across the U.S., reaching number 16 at WRDP in Chicago, and number 25 at WCSR in Milwaukee. The CD was also featured extensively on Richard Milne's "Local Anesthetic" show on WXRT and Tom Jackson's "Somebody Else's Troubles" show on WLUW, both in Chicago. Tony Peyser of the Santa Monica Mirror said, "Rock Paper Jesus restored my faith in smart rock and roll."

"Rock, Paper, Jesus" was recorded by Dan Deitrich at Wall to Wall Recording in Chicago and mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Labs. It features appearances by Gary Schepers of Devil in a Woodpile, David Resnick of Satellite 66, Jeff Maharry of Applecake, and Eddie Torrez of the Delafields.


Orion's Belt

Written By: Mark Sheehy

Jesus left his change on the bar
and walked outside
he felt his pockets for his keys and cigarettes
and reched for the sky
orion's belt got a little bit tighter
as Jesus held his legs to his cigarette lighter
Mary dried her hands on her jeans
and brushed the hair from her eyes
warmed some coffee in the microwave and cut a piece of pie
all things considered
she thought she had it made
that Jesus liked to wander
but lord, he never strayed

we all wanna be happy
we’re just trying to get by
if you wanna ride this great big world
you gotta hold on tight

Jesus came home and dropped in a chair
Mary asked him, how was your day?
I met a bum out on the street
I almost turned away
I reached for my wallet
he said, "i could be you."
he didn't know how close he was
to telling the truth.

we all wanna be happy
we’re just trying to get by
if you wanna ride this great big world
you gotta hold on tight

Jesus yawned, Mary covered his mouth and said, "let's call it a night."
pulled back the covers, threw their clothes in the corner, and turned out the lights
Jesus turned to Mary
said "got any regrets?"
She said, "I haven't found a thing I'd trade this for yet."

we all wanna be happy
we’re just trying to get by
if you wanna ride this great big world
you gotta hold on tight

Breakdown Lane

Written By: Mark Sheehy

There are roses
in the breakdown lane
they lay there 'til they're dry
and then they blow away
there are miles and there are reasons
but they don't mean a thing
and if I make it home
I swear to God I'm going to stay
there are roses
there are roses

There are teardrops
in the afternoon
lay there in the sun
and let them wash all over you
got a pocket full of promises
I pay them as I go
and these familiar faces
become people I don't know
there are teardrops
there are teardrops

for clothes I've got what's on my back
for food I've got what's in my pack
for love you know I've had my share
regrets you know I don't go there
this road has everything I need
I'll follow it to where it leads
a woman in Sedalia lets me stay

There's a heaven
where nobody goes
it's beautiful and empty
and the days pass nice and slow
the music of it pulls me
like the moon pulls on the tide
keep thinking that I'll find it
at the end of the next ride
there's a heaven
there's a heaven

You and Me

Written By: Mark Sheehy

Hey I've got a double dare
we'll press our clothes, comb our hair
and get us some day jobs
put some money in the bank
we'll watch tv when we come home
but we'll only watch those PBS shows
even the pledge breaks
I'll take the pledge at the pledge breaks

better than my ma
scrubbing those collars til they were white
better than my dad
flying the red eye every night

We'll get a house and garden now
but you can't have a chicken
you can't have a cow
we've got appearances to keep
'cause the neighbors stare
when we walk by
could be the weeds
could be the flowers

better than my ma
scrubbing those collars ultrabright white
better than my dad
hitting the red eye every night
better you and me
better you and me

Hey I've got a double dare
we'll brush our teeth
and say our prayers
and curl up together
we look so good together
and my ex is knocking at the door
but I don't talk to her no more
or the other one either
I'm taking a permanent breather

better than my mom
quaaludes and cocktails to make her feel right
better than my dad
shot by his girl friday in Cleveland that night
better you and me
better you and me


CD--Rock, Paper, Jesus (June 2004)
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CD--Oasis Rock & Roots Sampler, Volume 29

CD--Crooked Pictures (June 2000)
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Set List

A typical set includes anywhere from 10-20 original songs. We've also been known to cover Tom Waits, the Byrds, Al Green, Clarence Carter, Fred Eaglesmith and Bad Company.