Mark Shields & the Rock Apes

Mark Shields & the Rock Apes


If the landscape of music was viewed as an ocean, this band's goal is to be a wave. It's rock, it's alternative, and it's the blues...but in the end, it's life. Find the groove. Put the needle down. Take the ride.


As written by Mark Shields:

A sustained intensity. The awareness that none of us are getting out of here alive. Men and women of peace must live, and so must the crazy diamonds. If you think it's weird here, wait until you get inside the gold mine. Love, devotion, surrender. Balance, freedom, and soul. A toast to the good times and the people you spend them with.

Thoughts that come to mind when I think of this band, music, and life. Yeah, it's only rock n' roll, but it's a celebration of everything this life has to offer. Also, it's a reminder that there's more to this life than meets the eye. And, if we go out and do our best, I think we inspire other people to do their best.

In essence, we are a rock trio that really focuses on pounding grooves and good lyrics. We play the same song structures, but play them a little different each time depending on the present mood. We're competent enough and tight enough as a group to 'stretch out', but don't always feel it's necessary or important. And in the end, if we didn't communicate to the audience and nobody came along, then we didn't do our job.

We listen to blues, jazz, rock, soul, indie, hip-hop, funk, and the list goes on. To some degree, they all show up in our music. Fortunately, we're not the only band and the only people making music cause we need variety. However, we're one of them and seeing how we submitted this application to you, we'd like to work together.

You can hear/see/read more about us at our website if you'd like. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to meet you in person and perform for you live. Either way, thank you and best of luck.


"the LONELY ROOM tapes", debut LP
13 tracks / 70 minutes of music
released in '07
Uno Mas' Records

Set List

Typically 45 to 50 minute sets. (more if needed)
Inner City
Dime Groove
the Edge
Of You
Roller Coast
Highway Song

covers we might "add" in:
Neil Young's "Heart of Gold"
RHCP's "Could've Lied"
Willie Dixon's "Can't Quit You Baby"
...and others.