Mark's Midnight Carnival Show

Mark's Midnight Carnival Show

 Pueblo West, Colorado, USA

A Mark's Midnight Carnival Show performance is Rock n Roll that is mesmerizing, well polished, extremely vibrant, and honest. They deliver a sonic experience that will leave you dumbfounded. They will remind you what Rock n Roll is and show you what it can be. This band will surprise you.


Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show may very well be one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets; but this phenomenal Indie Rock band won’t stay that way for long. It really isn’t surprising when you consider that in the 4 years they have been together they have played over 500 shows. “We put a lot of heart and soul into our live shows, and we think it is evident when you see us live,” says Mark. "It always amazes me how shocked new audiences seem to be when they get to hear us perform. We are constantly hearing that we should be playing much bigger venues, and people are always asking when will the rest of the world learn about our band."
The band has a sound that is new but also familiar. They draw from an extremely diverse palette of influences, combining elements from different genres into one cohesively mesmerizing sound. The term "rock" is more of a loose description of their sound and its use is primarily an attempt at classification. Their songs quickly become infectious and memorable, but more impressive is the way they perform them. They are well practiced in their craft and come off as a well polished musical group. Fans of Indie Rock the likes of The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Spoon and Minus the Bear will feel right at home with Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show.
This well polished band formed in 2009 when singer/songwriter/bassist Mark Bush posted a carefully worded Craigslist ad. Lead guitarist Scott Bein and drummer Gavin Straub responded, and from the first note it was clear they clicked.
Initially playing original songs that Mark had written, the band quickly began impressing crowds with their sound. In just a few short months the band was hitting the road and spreading their music across the entire state of Colorado as well as the rest of the region playing shows in Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona. In 2011 the band released their first full-length studio album. This self-titled debut impressed critics and fans alike. The songs demonstrated the kind of maturity in songwriting most bands spend years hoping to achieve and the musicianship on the album was amazing. The first album focused heavily on Mark’s songwriting and vocal abilities, but also showed great promise in what Scott and Gavin could bring to the table. That was just the beginning. The band was genuinely moved by the response the album received, selling out of their first run rather quickly.
Now almost 2 years later the band is releasing a new album, Teach Me A New Handshake. This album captures the energy of a Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show at their best. More energetic than their first album it seems the band has evolved their sound and exploited their talent in a more focused and powerful rock album. It features more contributions from Scott in the area of songwriting and a bombastic performance from Gavin on drums. Mark’s vocals are soaring stronger than ever and the band is excited to get new music out there for everyone to enjoy. So let the secret out, for all to hear. Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show doesn’t expect you to keep something this awesome quiet any longer.


Mark's Midnight Carnival Show
released September 2011
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Monster Promo
released 2011

062510 (Live radio show KRFC 88.9FM Fort Collins, CO)
released 2010
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Hello (Live radio show KRFC 88.9FM Fort Collins, CO)
released 2010
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Mark's Midnight Carnival Show the DEMO 2009

122207 live from The Downtown Bar promotional CD .

Set List

Mark's Midnight Carnival Show prefers to performs original music, but occasionally you will hear the odd cover or two. Mainly focused on getting a reaction like,"They are not playing a Cindi Lauper song, are they?" They like to bring an element of surprise to the show, and they do it so well.


The Waitress Song
Carnival of Bar Stools
Sonic Boom
The Moon Song
The Sound
That Girl
Day Dreamer
A Place of My Own
Remember Me
Have You Seen My Girl?
Bailey Shakes w/ Vicodin
Save Yourself
ABC (instrumental FUNK jam)
Nothing to Do With You
Dirty Things
My Only Fear
So Move
Not Responsible

Covers (include but are not limited to...)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cindi Lauper)
Ob La Di Bla Da (the Beatles)
Eleanor Rigby (the Beatles)
I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry)
Hot & Cold (Katy Perry)
Fat Bottom Girls (Queen)
Straight Up (Paula Abdul)
Getting Better Now (Bob Schnieder)
Afraid of