Mark Smith

Mark Smith


Lyrics that will touch you, vocals that will move you, guitar that might make you sneeze


In the past few months, Mark has begun work on a solo career after many years backing up bands behind the drumkit. Born and raised in Toronto, he is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who's musical template draws from many genres including blues, soul, rock, bluegrass, folk and country. Having always had a knack for songwriting he has only recently begun to hone and focus that skill in his own light after lending his talents to other artists both as a musician and as a producer. He is currently recording demos for what he hopes is his first album of many to come.


Our City

Written By: Mark Smith

"Where trees stand in the water" is the name that it had
Long before this place was known as our home and native land
Nowadays you'll find people from all walks of life
At the Royal Winter Fair or skatin' at the Square
Till day turns to night

Before the Dome, before the Tower and even the CNE
Standing in the town of York is where we would've been
Before horse and buggy became TTC
Before Kensington and the Distillery
That's what that town came to be
That's where that town became our city

At Parliament and Front, is where it all began
Little did they know what would become when they planted that flag
Celebratin' love with a week of pride
Summers at the Ex, it's gone too quick
You always want a little more time

Now from the Beaches to Chinatown, both sides of the Don
I wonder if it's what they had in mind all along
From the valley green to the city streets
Rock n roll soul and urban beats
That's what that town came to be
That's where that town became our city

To the west it ends at Etobicoke Creek
The Rouge River to the east
In between you'll find all the life
That makes our city shimmer and shine

All the soul, all the sounds
All the secrets to be found
Yeah that good, good livin'
Yeah this is our city