Mark Spits

Mark Spits

 Arlington, Texas, USA
BandHip HopAmericana

Mark Spits is a music-lover & artist with a passion to keep the raw, traditional, avant-garde, independent, underground form of hip-hop music alive & well all around the universe. I strive to bring listeners of all kinds a quality & enjoyable experience through my performances & recorded material.


*Peace everyone, thanks for checking me out and taking time to read government name is Cory Mark Petersen. Most people know me by my nom de plume, Mark Spits. I have recorded several projects over the years under different names (mc2 of SAGE, pc & PistolPete). I perform/record/work with several talented producers: Malcom Kipe (Merck Records/Austin), BOZ (360 Degreez Aborigineez/Dallas), (8-BitCynics/OK), MolekUlar (Year of the Ox/Dallas), Juicy the Emissary (Vortexas/Denton), DJ EZ Eddie D (Dallas), DJ Remode (Arlington), Sir Kutta (BirdsEyeBlues/Fort Worth), Edgar Wyndham aka Stranger (Austin), Suspence (Dallas), Redfello (GrandPrairie), Earbuckets (FortWorth), RJ Tree.Killer Jr. (Govt.Namez/FortWorth) & I've even drop't a few beats in myself. I also perform with several different quality DJs at my live sets-DJ EZ Eddie D (89.3FM), DJ Centrifik (Boomset/DK), DJ Viz (BrownSugar/A-Teem), DJ Suspence (ILL-Format) to name a few. Log on to for FREE downloads & get the old projects for only $1!!!
I was born in Minneapolis, MN on June 16th (gemini). Moved to Texas in elementary. I've lived all around the Dallas/Fort Worth metrpolex (went to college @ the University of North TX in Denton). I've also lived in Austin (TX), Alexandria (VA, worked in Washington D.C.) & back to Minneapolis (my favorite of all...southside!).
My first album with my old group SAGE entitled 5BUCK$ is still available in several music retail stores in those cities. I've had the blessing of appearing on local DFW hip-hop radio shows like 89.3's "Knowledge Drop't Lessons Taught" hosted by DJ EZ Eddie D, as well as, being interviewed by publications like Venues Magazine, etc... The rest is history, its been a journey I wouldn't trade & I hope to be blessed with more opportunities in the future.
So keep your ear to the streets and your browser on for FRESH music, FREE downloads & get FULL albums for only $1!!! For booking call Cory @ 817-400-5567. For those who love hip-hop, we salute you!!!-Spits


Mark Spits-Who Is That?
12-track LP produced by Malcom Kipe, BOZ, Suspence, Edgar Wyndham & Mark Spits
*Released 4.20.2010 on

Mark Spits-Fat Gold Chains
16-track LP produced by Malcom Kipe
*featuring Guilty Simpson, Kosha Dillz, Sivion of DeepSpace5, The Bodega Brovas, Imaginary Friends, DJ EZ Eddie D, DJ Centrifik, DJ Remode & moreā€¦
*Coming Soon!!!

**My songs have been played on 89.3FM/ & (& possibly others I'm not aware of...)

Set List

My set varies from show to show depending on my DJ (see below), the venue, set-up, equipment, crowd, mood, etc.. My current sets include a mix of new material (Fat Gold Chains, With A Little Help, Lonestar Fleet), old (Who Is That?) & some un-released songs.
I am ready, willing & able to perform any set time-length (short; 10-15 mins. or, long; 20 mins. or more...), depending on what is required or expected.
A DJ is always present at my live performances and if any of my featured collaborators are available, I like to include their cameos into the set. I perform with several different quality DJs at my live sets-DJ EZ Eddie D (89.3FM), DJ Centrifik (Boomset/DK), DJ Viz (BrownSugar/A-Teem), DJ Suspence (ILL-Format) to name a few.
I always involve the audience as much as possible with crowd-participation, call & response, contests/raffles/giveaways, etc...