Mark T.

Mark T.


Whiskey drinking music that just lays you back. Real music for real people.


These are songs written from my life. I have just started to record it in the form of sound. My cousin Randy Gilkey and I have been talking about recording together for ever, so I asked some friends of mine to ride to WV. with me for a chance to make an album together.We have several of the same influences such as Led, The Band, Ben Harper,Willie Nelson, Black Sabbath,Neil Young. I think this is real music for real people.I have playing
for the love of music for 15 years.One Day Lost was the last big thing before I formed From A Seed. witch I am currently in now.


"Fell From The Hill" for release spring 2006

Set List

What Went Wrong
Fell From the Hill
Borrowed Time
You Turn Me On
Climb A Mountian
Walking The Mile
Lost Among Strangers
Sand Solution
No Destination