Mark Torgeson

Mark Torgeson


Mark Torgeson is a classically trained pianist whose spontaneously created songs are passionate, joyful and filled with heartfelt expression. Drawing inspiration from nature and the cosmos, he delights audiences with his sense of childlike wonderment and unbridled enthusiasm.


Mark was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an American father. He grew up in the United States, melding the influences of the East and West in his music. He draws from the rich traditions of classical music and jazz to weave a tapestry both sophisticated and spontaneous. His repertoire is all original, with free improvisation forming a strong foundation in his concerts.

Through the themes of nature and the cosmos, one hears in this music the pulse of earthy elements and the sweeping cosmological stories of the stars.

Mark's repertoire is always original, surprising, fueled by whim and the emotion of joy. Compositions at his concerts range from poignant impressionistic meditations to impassioned pastiches of syncopation, defining a style at once compelling yet complex. Concerts are punctuated with Mark's explanation of the transformational aspects of the music, and expositories on the more esoteric aspects of the creative process.

"My desire is not only to create lovely music, but a form which will be of use to others. We are in the midst of a major evolution of consciousness, and music is an important transformational tool in keeping step with this change." ---Mark Torgeson

He believes we are at a major juncture in human consciousness - a time when music will be used to accelerate our ability to change by opening the heart and doorways of perception.

“Every major age of cultural evolution has been accompanied by parallel trends in the arts. Music with the intention of invoking this expansion is extremely powerful, and can be used as an agent of transformation.”

Recording credits include fourteen albums, including Living the Miracle - 27 Topics for Global Shifting, a nine album piano set designed to help accommodate the swift changes now upon society. His music has attained Top Twenty listings in Adult Contemporary, New Age and Acoustic Instrumental radio stations nationwide and internationally.

Representation: McCoy Artists Group


The Creation Process in Music

Written By: Mark Torgeson

I begin by consciously connecting to my source of inspiration, which I call the Core of Creation. I place my hands on the keys and am in an immediate state of surrender, anticipation and wonderment.

Each note has an identity of its own and is spotlighted for its brief moment of fame before surrendering its luminescence to the next note in the now moment; but each note is also in relationship to the preceding and subsequent notes, which are in relationship to the whole.

There is an understanding and communication between the notes which are not unlike the leaves of a tree - they are all in cooperation and perfect harmony / alignment with the purpose of the tree. The uppermost leaves may receive more sunlight, and be so seemingly showcased; but there is no heirarchy because they are no more, no less significant to the overall plan of beneficience for the tree.

Each note is similar to this. Each note becomes part of the germ of an idea, a motif; each motif may be joined to another to create a phrase; and each phrase may likewise join to create a broader statement or movement.

Any number of notes, from one to many, parades itself in the theatre of the present moment and each subsequent note or series of notes is a reaction and variation of its predacessor.

Even if it is a re-statement or replication of the preceding, because of its place in time its statement is different and thus it is a statement standing on its own footing, a statement which more fully gets the point across; it emphasizes.

Each motif is an entity, and has a life of its own. It is comprised of a vibration which reverbrates through many dimensions and makes its mark in manners beyond our conscious knowing and understanding.

A motif, a single note or song, leaves our auditory awareness but continues its vibrational journey and pops up in another dimension as a flower, a fish, cloud or some other ethereal creation and continues its existence.

There is a march toward organic unfolding in the process of life/creation expressing itself. Life, throught statement in music, proclaims itself.

We are Creators and our creations take on their own life and continue to spin and vibrate and manifest creatively in numberless subtle worlds. We can follow these, our progeny, to their respective worlds if we wish. Or we can continue creating.

It is our predilection to create. For we are made in the image of our creator and follow the impetus to manifest anew.

And our progeny, whether flesh or idea, will continue to spawn their creations.

I am not solely a musician, but a creator. These words, as creations, affect others and alter the world, whch is then reflected back to me.

I look at my body of creations and say, “this is me,” and bask in that wonderment. This Reflective Pause of accomplishement is crucial.

And then the process of creation starts afresh...

How Do I Listen?

Written By: Mark Torgeson

I shut my eyes and travel. I will pull out and focus on a motif, a simple note, maybe two, perhaps a repetition, perhaps one that is accented, and then elaborated on.

And then it gets beyond the notes. It’s the vibration which comes through the notes. And then entering the Oneness. Being the witness. Flowing, flowing with the music.

It is an active participation, active listening. Opening, reveling in the turns of the music, the surprises and variations.

There are grooves cut into the brain, imprints which allow one to process the music - a particular kind of music - and understand it in a very meaningful way. Dancers do this with great faculty, especially tuning into the rhythm and timing of a piece. But to be able to follow the nuances of music - to be led to where it takes you - requires active listening.

Traveling into the one like traveling into the Silence. The deepening which happens when one enters into the Silence of the One-Note is the same silence one enters when listening to a whole song which has at its intentionality Oneness. One may explore the traversings of Awareness in the stillness and nonmoving quality of a single tone as well as the ever-fluctuant changes of an energizing song.




Activation of what? The Highest Aspects of Self. We speak of the awakening of the Light Body or the activation of the twelve strands of DNA. But at its most essential level it just means we are becoming more of who we are. Not something different. More of the same aspects which we see glimpses of in our most exalted states. So when we make these shifts, reconnect the energetic strands, we are actually welcoming a long lost friend - so familiar, and such a joyous reunion.

We are in that state of intense focus, listening, deeply with awareness and feeling beyond the mind, we are one with the music and in those moments identify with the essence of unity within the expression, within the music.

But simultaneously there is an activation, a reconnection, a remembering of who we are, which can shift us permanently into a more expanded state of being. We bring this back with us as a transformation.

The act of becoming one with the music is the action of becoming One with OneSelf, and becoming one with the world. It is a doorway to bliss and Unity. And witnessing it that way coupled with the intention of entering that Oneness will achieve even stronger transformation.

The rains have passed, wind is gently shaking the leaves of moisture, and sun shares its beneficence with the upturned branches, like a parent bird feeding its fledgelings. Nature, in these movements, constantly balances itself, and in its continual movement towards balance exists in Oneness. There is no difference between this movement and the Stillness of Oneness. There is no difference between the sun and the branches, the fledgelings or their parents.

My visualization to focus energy is as follows: I open my crown chakra to a funnel or column of light which descends and fills my body. This is then channeled through my hands. The energy may come from any number of different dimensions, such from the Intergalactic Council of Twelve, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, the Great Composers. What calls this energy forward is the intention.

The clarity of the transmission has to do with the clarity inherent in one’s own self. What seems to be of lesser importance in the actual “style” or genre of expression - whether that be new age, jazz, classical, or world music. The singular expression is dependent on the creator’s preference of style and mannerism, and his ability to use this as a springboard of creation, then step out of the way.

The actual encodement of the music happens depending upon the intention of the creator and the level or depth to which he is able to maintain the state of altered consciousness. This is a most crucial piece, one in which, in the past, took years and years of training in meditation or other arts/disciplines where one’s attention was singularly focused. This seems to be less and less the case today. where the time lapse between idea and creation is vastly diminishing, and when children are being born who claim as their birthright the ability of healing and mind-over-matter manipulations.

The ability to aptly and persuasively create music at a high level of expression and complexity has as its roots the tenacity and devotion not only of many years, but probably many lifetimes as well. I have traced several of my musical lifetimes as follows: flute player/dancer /drummer in the Andes; head of music/toning in monastery; pianist whose career was cut short by the Nazis during the holocaust. This lifetime my purpose for music creation is directly tied with my spiritual learning, as I have not been interested in creating pretty or beautiful music for its own sake, but for the purpose of evolving spiritually; for the p

Music is Knowledge

Written By: Mark Torgeson

Music is knowledge. It is a form of knowledge that bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart, the mode of feeling. It quiets the mind in the moment of experience and imparts its wisdom and perspective directly. It is an energetic stream of energy containing the directives for the human energy system to begin to more fully engage in the process of shifting, activation, and awakening. It carries the codes of experience and knowing from the realm of the creator, whether that realm be of this dimension or others. When it comes from dimensions other than the third, there are trails of knowing imbedded which trigger a sense of home, of remembrance, that bring the listener simultaneously to a state of peace and expectancy; the peace of knowing Who One Is and the expectancy of knowing that one can never be alone in this world again. For the world has expanded to include one’s family - a family much more expansive than the earth family of origin.

Music is knowledge. It brings to us the multidimensional blueprints of consciousness far beyond our present mental constructs, far beyond our ideas of who we are and what we are capable of. It lays down the structure through which we will carry on our future work in the world. It is the new operating system for the new body we are creating which will deal more adequately with the changing energies of the planet. It is the carrier frequency for encodements placed there as promised to help us to navigate the new reality and swiftly changing world where the rules of conduct and manifestation have drastically changed. It is easy entry into the world of dreams and imagination which are the keys to shifting our experience to that of wonderment and joy.

Music provides the platform through which our awareness and vibratory patterning shifts, an allowance for our guides and helpers to provide healing and transformation. Music sets the imagination free. In the experience of music the mind is no longer in command - there is no need for its foundation of fear and protectiveness. In our listening we become unbridled spirit, free to fly and soar and ride the currents of our whim and unbridled imagining. Since there are no words to paint these scenes, our experience transcends conditioning. We flow easily between the dimensions. We go to nameless places and do indescribable deeds. We expand into our higher self and higher knowing, and the temporal limitations of earthly life no longer restrict our travelings. We become, most fully, Wanderers in the realms of our instantaneous creations.


Between Mountains and Stars
Sundance in Moonlight
Peace, Joy, Balance and Harmony
Freedom, Compassion, Love
Truth, Chaos, The Quickening
Magic, Honor, Wonderment
Transformation, New World Consciousness, Grand Awakening
Self Mastery, Intergalactic Council of Twelve, Solidarity
Clarity, Allowance, The Rapture
Trust and Honor, Critical Mass, Reflection
Desire, Transcendence, Grace
Expanding Joy

Set List

Two Sets with Intermission between; each set is 45 minutes. Repertoire is all original:

Neptune Rising
Morning Meditation
Heart into Sun
Dances in Fields
The Heathen
Anasazi Sunset
Dust Devil
Shadow Dancer
Circle of Light
East Meets West