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Mark Tulk

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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"Mark Tulk - Rain"

Remember The Eels? Remember the lead singers awesomely simplistic vocals that were just right? Mark Oliver Everett? Yeah… Well, something about the name Mark.. I don’t know. Mark Tulk, vocally, has a crazy resemblance to Mark Everett, in my opinion. This Mark, hails out of Athens, GA where he is busy creating beautiful piano based works that have wonderful experimental qualities. Some songs are very dark, some very light.. but almost all, beautiful pieces of art to be heard and enjoyed.

“Rain”, from his album, Central State, is probably my favorite from this album. It’s calming in sound, but so intriguing when you listen to the layers that give it much more depth than you expect. This depth, this creative nature of the song, is what really gives it that artistic quality. The more I listen, the more I love. Also, check out “Speak No More”. - Earplugs Not Included

"Mark Tulk - Central State"

A former resident of Australia and a relative newcomer to the Athens [GA] scene, Mark Tulk brings us a unique mix of soft, unstructured melodies and gothic, piano-laden tunes. His sound differs markedly from that of many of our current local bands, but this serves to make his music stand out from the crowd. - Echoreyn of Athens

"Mark Tulk - Central State"

Mark Tulk’s Central State... [is a] ride through a gothic musical landscape that has as much beauty and clarity (Speak No More) as it does artsy weirdness (Ghosts and the title track). Tulk, who plays every instrument on the album except cello (handled by his wife Niki) and bass (Joshua Stamper), sings with a sort of calm tension that never turns abrasive but also doesn’t fully smooth out. More specifically, Tulk was inspired by Central State Hospital, an insane asylum in Milledgeville -- and the photo of the graves was taken in its cemetery. As such, the mostly piano-driven music maintains a ghostly, haunted feel. Even in its melodic moments, otherworldly elements abound, as in the bleeding drone textures of Rain. - Flagpole Magazine, Athens, GA

"Mark Tulk - Central State"

There’s an obvious talent being wielded on this album,.. The songs progress and digress as if enshrouded in mist, a veiled sound that is built up over the first half of the album, until we reach “Rain” - and it’s doubly rewarding to actually listen to, if you let it soak into you, rather than wash over. [The] first five tracks are an EP in length, and that would be that, twenty minutes of very good, dark, freak folk. However, Mark Tulk shows he has a more diverse talent than just trying to give us the creeps (in the nicest possible way)... Inventive sounds, blooming towards chamber pop... For those with open minds, who don’t live alone in gloomy old houses... - LeicesterBangs, UK

"Album Review: Mark Tulk's "Central State""

Mark Tulk's new album Central State is a dark and generally somber musical journey carried on the back of his haunting piano progressions, trippy soundscapes and eclectic range of additional instrumentation.

My first impression listening to this album is that it reminds me of a score Jon Brion would write for a psychological drama (such as Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind). Tulk's lyrical command makes these well-composed tracks easy and pleasant to listen to and remember. His vocal timbre seems to appropriately adjust to the mood of the song and his accompaniment is arranged to support his vocal and piano melodies.

The opening track, "Open Sky" is free at his Bandcamp site. It is a good representation of what is to come on the album, but by no means a display of the many talents Tulk exudes on Central State.

Here are a couple track picks that are my personal favorites and good indicators if this album is something you'd truly enjoy:

"Central State", the album's title track, reminds me of something Elliot Smith would have written if he had been classically trained on piano. It is dark, brooding and finishes strong with some great harmony between the piano and vocals.

My favorite track is "Over You Go". It is more upbeat moment on the album that is guitar-driven for a change, laced with driving drums and organ. If you go to his Bandcamp you can stream both of these tunes to check them out for yourself.

The album is officially released on Friday, July 1st, 2011. If you are in Athens, he will be playing a house show at 555 Sunset Dr in Normaltown. His set starts at 7PM followed by Ryan Sheffield, Sleepy Eye Giant and Shallow Palace. - Stereofly Collective

"Hits From The Box #24"

Australian multi-instrumentalist Mark Tulk moved to the US some two years ago. Im sure he has been up to a lot of things in the last 24 months, but musically he is preparing to display the fruits of his labour in the form of LP Central State. There is some musical acumen behind the scenes too, with the mastering engineer being the resident of Abbey Road Studios. The album sounds like moody Americana folk with classical leanings - it doesn't necessarily require the knowledge that Tulk is a foreigner in a strange land to relate to the songs at all. Though maybe it helps... Whether you like the spectral title track, or the distorted guitar/violin/piano combo on 'Rain', there is a lot to hear and take in - rich rewards to be gleaned also. You can stream/purchase the entire album here - it comes out July 1st. - Sonic Masala

"Highly Recommended: Mark Tulk - Rain"

Honestly, I don’t know how to start this post. It is taking all I got to not drift into this song. It is a strange phenomenon when you can forget where you are and fall into the music. The lyrics, mixture of sounds, the voice, the choice of instruments, all of them working together to pull you in. The song captivates, intrigues, captures the mind. That’s the best I could do to explain how I feel when I listen to this song.

This song is nothing short of amazing. The music is composed masterfully. An electric guitar and a maraca(that seems to appear and disappear when necessary), provide the rhythm for the track. When the maraca disappears, the electric guitar is able to pick up the slack and is played more like a bass drum than a typical electric guitar would be played. These provide the perfect backdrop for the two instruments used at the forefront. The piano and violin are played beautifully in this song. They are able to move with the emotion in the lyrics. The lyrics swing from lows to highs as the song progresses. Depression becomes acceptance. Redemption takes the place of despair as the rain washes over and carries trials and tribulations away. The song allows not only to feel and hear the music but see what Mark Tulk is trying to portray. The descriptors used at certain times gives the song the ability to move from one sense to another.

The whole song is brought together in a way most only hope to achieve. From the way the song can hid an instrument or bring it to the forefront when needed, to the lyrics, everything fits. This song is beautiful perfection. As for the album, I have only been to make it through the first five tracks (“Rain” is the fifth) but so far it has impressed me.Central State will be available July 1st and is definitely worth buying. - Middle Class White Noise


"Central State" - July 2011.
"At the End of the Day" - February 2009.



As a piano player and songwriter, Mark has been composing, recording and arranging music for nearly two decades, from soundscapes for theatre productions to his own music -- and of course producing and recording the work of other Artists. He has run the highly successful Sunday Arts Live program on 3WBC in Melbourne, Australia, and is committed to artists being given a voice -- particularly those with a story to tell.

With his wife, fellow artist and business partner of many years, Mark runs high-end recording/mix studio RoomFiftyThree and Small House Records in his current hometown of Athens, GA. With musical and lyrical influences such as Robert Lowell, William Blake, Bob Dylan, David Byrne, John Cale & Nick Drake, Mark's songs create 'sonic landscapes' for the listener to journey through ... to experience a shadowy world of poetry and dreams ... to explore the vagaries and mysteries of life, and what makes us who we are.