Marku Ribas

Marku Ribas


Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and actor, this is Marku Ribas. He created his own music, mixing brazilian rhythm to various elements of world music and has disseminated in partnerships like João Donato, Sivuca, Arnaldo Antunes, Curumin. If you like brazilian music, you need to meet Marku Ribas


Marco Antonio Ribas, a.k.a Marku Ribas, is a great musician from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Singer and songwriter, he’s also actor and instrumentalist beside being the only Brazilian to recording with the Rolling Stones (taped the video for the song "Just another night ", with Mick Jagger and he recorded the track" Back to Zero" with the Rolling Stones)! A true architect of Brazilian music, say new generation about him.
Marku lived in Caribbean, Island of Martinique and Island of Saint Lucia, where he meets Bob Marley, singer of The Wailers, on this time. Marku also opened for James Brown in Barbados (1974), for the bassist Ron Carter on the island of Martinique (1971) and was the only Brazilian to play during celebrations of the Independence of Namibia (Africa ) in 1990.
The Brazilian artist recorded your first album in 1966, with Flamingo Group. In 1977, he records “Barrankeiro”. With Erasmo Carlos, Marku recorded "Beira D'Água" (LP Cavalo das alegrias, 1979). The album "Mente e Coração" (1980) has participations of João Donato, Ed Maciel and Hélcio Vilella. In 2012, Marku Ribas complete 50 years in scene and prepares surprises for the celebrations.


Batuki (1970)
Barrankeiro (1977)
Cavalo das alegrias (1979)
Mente e coração (1980)
4Loas (2010)