Markus Adams

Markus Adams

 Wadern, Saarland, DEU

Markus Adams is a self-taught , multifaceted producer, songwriter, electronic musician making music eclectic in style and form with ambience, melody and mood in mind


Markus Adams, is a Germany-based, self-taught electronic musician building a DIY-career as a Songwriter, Producer, Keyboard istrumentalist. From his early electronic beginnings in the early 90s on Atari Computers and Yamaha Keyboards he never lost sight of the current music scene while still honing his eclectic sense for great music of almost any style. After some ten years away from music he rebooted his career in 2013.
While having its roots in electronic music, his Rock, Prog and Folk upbringing has left its mark on his music. With great diversity in style, still a common thread of fine ambience, melody and mood can be heard in all of his tracks. The mostly instrumental tracks range from ambient to chillout to folk to jazz to rock. Made for listening on headphones or great speakers, his music will let you find something new anytime you listen again. 

His latest album "NYC Nights"  is a concept album showcasing the sights and sounds and emotions of a visit to the big apple. New York is the buzzing Metropole of  the world, a city of light, sight and sound. "NYC Nights" is a keyhole look a this mad city through the eyes of Markus Adams going into your ears ans hopefully to your brain.


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I do not perform live a the moment.