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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Exclaim! Magazine CD Review"

April 2004

Demonstrative is a fun, rockin’ debut EP that suggests a promising future for this Toronto-based artist. Chakra draws from the classic rock and soul of the late ’60s and early ’70s but the record’s sound is decidedly modern, with nods to Big Sugar, the New Meanies and the Black Crowes. Bassist Tyler de Witt and drummer Matt “Fats” Cameron provide tight-but-loose rhythmic foundation for Chakra’s crunchy guitar playing and soulful harmonica wailing. There’s some nice interplay between the musicians but the jamming never gets excessive. As a vocalist, Chakra falls into the Bob Dylan and Neil Young camp; he doesn’t hit every note and he sounds all the better for it. “You’ve Made Your Bed” is the stand-out track, a perfectly structured track with soulful harmonies and a smart, catchy chorus. “Forgive” is built on a rockin’ riff and features a blaring harmonica solo while “Colleen” is an ear-pleasing, soulful ballad. There’s potential for great things here. - Marco Ursi


Markus Chakra : FAQ

1. Tell us what you’ve been busy doing these days.

Well, we just finished a demo that we’re quite proud of, and we’re currently gearing up for a show at the Horsehoe Tavern on February 2nd.

2. What’s been capturing your interest of late?

Al Green, “Lost in Translation”, and rock dvds. It’s great to hear Al Green with his old band again. As for “Lost In Translation,” I thought it did a great job of interpreting the current zeitgeist in a romantic comedy which is a very difficult thing to do. Also, I got a dvd player recently so I’ve been watching a lot of inspiring concert dvds by people like Coldplay, U2 and ACDC. I try to draw upon that energy in my own live shows.

3. What’s your favourite work of art?

It’s hard to pick favourites, but I would choose Jackson Pollack’s “Blue Poles” because his art always seemed to me to be the visual equivalent of rock music: raw, reckless and alcoholic.

4. What was your weirdest celebrity moment?

I was working at a souvenir shop in the CN Tower a few years back when Joni Mitchell happened to walk in. I chatted with her for awhile and sold her maple syrup. She was very pleasant and wished me luck. I sure hope her wishes are still with me now . . .

5. Coolest thing about Toronto?

There’s a real community of musicians here and I think politically things might be changing for the better which will make a more positive atmosphere for musicians and artists alike. Also, I think Toronto is a real rock and roll town, I think people are starting to get interested in live music again.

- HCTR Publishing


Demonstrative EP 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Markus Chakra: Troubadour for Troubled Times

“Don’t let your song be unsung, ,don’t try to finish what just ain’t done…take that stage, there’s life, shout out your name…” when Markus Chakra sings those lines and yet another club audience starts groovin’ along, you know that something is happening, something that is making the masses sit up and take notice.

So who is this troubadour for troubled times? Markus Chakra has been crafting his songs and plying his trade around Toronto during the past year, drinking Guinness, and trying to stay out of trouble. For Markus the only solution to the stress and clutter of modern life is to make music that is alive, vital and full of soul, by turns brooding, wry, and blow it up incendiary, or as he puts it, music that “reflects being beaten down by life but reaching down into those reserves and getting your strength back.” Describing his band as a “gang of surly rock and roll characters who hide our sensitivity behind our instruments,” Markus Chakra isn’t interested in pandering to existing rock stereotypes, aiming instead for a rock-out that is both intimate and cathartic. According to Markus, a live show “is about number one, having a good time, about playing songs people can relate to. When you come to one of our shows we give it our all in the hopes that people will leave feeling inspired.” Don’t miss him. Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about.