Markus James

Markus James


"A vital mix of the Mississippi Delta and Mali, a cultural exchange of haunting beauty and mystery."- BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE "a new form of Roots Rock. 5 stars." - ROOTS MUSIC REPORT "it builds a bridge between continents, and takes the blues home." - fROOTS MAGAZINE (UK)


Markus James, originally from Virginia, has been travelling and recording original, blues-influenced music with traditional musicians in Mali, West Africa for years. His albums Nightbird and Timbuktoubab, as well as his film Timbuktoubab have been warmly received by critics, in the US and Europe, and on US radio (recently #6 CMJ New World) and PBS.
In the US he performs with a lineup of traditional musicians from Mali and West Africa, and they have appeared at festivals, performing arts centers, in clubs, and played live on syndicated radio shows.


Where You Wanna be
Timbuktoubab (CD / DVD)

Set List

original, blues-influenced songs, played on traditional Malian instruments, with vocals in English, Bambara, and Sonrai. dynamics range from intimate to deep groove.