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My Life, My Way

Written By: Leandro Marcos Gonzalez

MY LIFE, MY WAY (Music and lyrics by Leandro Marcos Gonzalez)

I’ve always tried to understand.
All those stupid rules. It doesn’t make much sense.

After all I’m just a girl.
I don’t want no rules; I’ll break them if I can.


I’m just gonna live my life my way.
I don’t care what you gotta say.
It’s time to go and break the chains.
Don’t stop me; don’t even try.
This is me and I won’t hide.


It is now or never. Nothing is forever.
I’ll make a stand. I won’t look back again.
Do you think I’m rebel? Get your things together and go away!
It is now or never. Nothing is forever.
Gonna make a stand, I mean it.
And no one’s gonna change the way I am.

Changing the color of my hair.
Getting cool tattoos, next to my underwear.
Leather boots and worn-out jeans.
Piercings on my face. Tell me…is that a sin?


They still treat me like a child. They believe that I’ve gone wild.
I am not sixteen. I’m not sixteen years old anymore!
This ain’t going anywhere. If you don’t get it, I don’t care!


Written By: Leandro Marcos Gonzalez

MADNESS (Music and Lyrics by Leandro Marcos Gonzalez)

No more wars, or deaths.
No more evil on this Earth.
No more people dying of hunger, no.
That, I cannot stand anymore.

What’s the reason then?
Gaining more power, you can bet.
Increasing their richness, you can tell.
Thinking with their hearts made of stone.


I know this is not the end.
And I know we’ll stop all this.
The power is in you…


How can we live in this madness?
When there’s nothing left worth fighting for?
Who’s to blame for all this sadness?
We gotta change our way now! The power’s in you!

Bombs falling down from the air.
People running in despair.
Looking for shelter, yeah.
Walking down a rope, day after day.

Fighting to gain oil reserves.
Fighting for a piece of land.
What have we learnt so far?
They will face the Lord, when their time comes.

One Life to Live

Written By: Leandro Marcos Gonzalez

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Music and Lyrics by Leandro Marcos Gonzalez)

Where have you left your beloved ones?
Somewhere out there, no one knows.
Busy with workload and deadlines
What’s life about after all?

Why don’t you make a stop? Look around.
And tell me what you see.
Family and friends do have endless hope.
For love and affection’s what they need.


Never forget your beloved ones.
They are the ones that do care.
Show them all of your love now.
Don’t you let them go away.
Love them now, now they’re here.
You’ll regret when to Heaven they leave.
There’s just one life to live.

When was the last time you kissed her?
Gave her a big hug and said:
“Mother, I love you”; It’s that simple!
If you did not, start today!

Love is the biggest of feelings.
A Human need, can’t you see?
Don’t feel ashamed to express yourself.
Let your heart and your soul spread their wings.

Don’t deliver yourself
To the worthless things.
Do believe. Just believe. Do believe!

My Guardian Angel

Written By: Leandro Marcos Gonzalez

MY GUARDIAN ANGEL (Music and lyrics by Leandro Marcos Gonzalez)

Once upon a time, there was fear and it was dark.
Evil ruled my world, there was nothing left to do but to hide,
from my twisted mind.

Then I saw the sign. The voice was coming from behind.
It said I would be safe. Life has never been the same since that night,
when I delivered myself.


Save me, from my thoughts, from my crying.
Sometimes I feel like I’m dying.
But now you’re here once again; ‘cause I prayed for you.
My angel, my guard. My guardian angel, save me now.

How? I couldn’t tell. It was real and I was there.
It whispered in my ear. I was calm and I was feeling no fear.
Hard to believe.

I felt a kind of breeze which was running through my head.
It went down to my feet. There was nothing I could feel but relief.
It had saved my life from disgrace.

Tonight, please put and end to this nightmare. My guardian angel save me now!

The Prince & The Plebeian

Written By: Leandro Marcos Gonzalez

THE PRINCE AND THE PLEBEIAN (Music and lyrics by Leandro Marcos Gonzalez)

A girl like me with a Prince; what am I thinking?
Leave those crazy thoughts to fairy tales.
But no one will ever keep me from listening
to his voice while he’s holding me in my dreams.

I was brought up and live in a poor village.
A common girl in a farm family.
He was brought up and lives in that big castle,
surrounded in such a wealth, I have no chance.


Might I be his love, his destiny?
If not, why do I keep dreaming of him?
Is it too much to ask, for a girl without much luck,
why he would not cast his blue eyes on me?

Never fell in love like this before.
There’s so much distance; we are on different shores.
And every night in my bed I pray for my dream come true.

I won’t carry on like this forever.
Time goes by and I have so much love to give.
I will make my move; I have nothing to lose.
There is no need to hide. My heart says “go and find your true love”.