Markus Lorber
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Markus Lorber

Vienna, Vienna, Austria | SELF

Vienna, Vienna, Austria | SELF
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Markus Lorber has written a lot of songs so far. Here is a list of songs, which he has registert at the AKM Austria
(look at for lyrics and demo-versions of some songs):

1 Strange Experience
2 Free Fall in Fall
3 Blue Sword Lilly
4 Divorces
5 Live Your Dream
6 Sometimes/A Veces/Månchmål (2005)
7 No More Broken Hearts (2003)
8 Magic of the Sioux
9 He Said
10 Bright Blue
11 About a Chest
12 Daydream Singer
13 Ocean Blue
14 Song for Katie
15 Die Zeit
16 Some Days
17 Like the Wind
18 In My Mind
19 I'll Be There (2006)
20 Night Vision/Close your Eyes (2006)
21 Sister's Monday Morning Song
22 Don't Judge God
23 Solar System
24 Sometimes (1985)
25 Sunset
26 Being Like Me
27 In Our Mind
28 Dos Voces/Two Voices/Zwa Stimman/ Dve Glasi
29 Stories of a Friend (2006)
30 Spätsommerabend/ Verano Tarde
31 November Rain (2006): November rain is falling on the window pain
32 Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht + Charaktervariation
33 Black Holes and Sheep
34 Behind the Words (2006/2007)
35 Endlich (2007)
36 Total Eclipse (2007)
37 Those Days in Spring
38 As a Child / Heroes go down fast
39 The Answering Machine



An orange tape with some "Best of Beatles" songs was the first music that Markus ran into. The tape was his elder sister's and he used to listen to it over and over again. Though he could not understand the lyrics - at that time, little Markus was hardly able to talk in his own language - he was touched by these songs and he wanted to play music like the fab four on that orange tape.
At the age of 10, he got his first guitar and he took classical lessons at school. With some class mates, he set up his first cover band, which of course did a lot of Beatles stuff. Markus became a songwriter by accident. For a German homework, lyrics for a soap-opera song had to be written. And so Markus wrote his first Song: "The Teddy Bear". From now on, songwriting became an important part of his life. Every feeling, every mood, every observation was found to be a deep source for a song.

Markus went to the university of Graz to receive a degree in electrotecnical and sound engineering. This was also the time, when he got in touch with the work of great song writers like Tom Waits, Suzanne Vega, Neil Young, Franz Schubert, and many others. During the study, he got theoretical training in music and he could improve his skills in playing the classical guitar. And there was a lot of time for reading novels, stories, and poems from a million of great writers. Today books are still a great inspiration for his own writing.
After his study, he started to perform his songs alone on stage. Just he and a guitar or a piano. And more and more, his calssical guitar became a "POP-instrument". For Markus now, POP is a mixture of every kind of musical influence. But he would not describe himself as a typical POP musican but more as a singer-songwriter with various influences.
Markus now lives in Vienna, where a little but fine songwriter sceen exists. Beside his solo concerts, he joins monthly meetings of the community, where everyone presents his newest songs.

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