Markus tha Great White

Markus tha Great White

BandHip Hop

My music supports hope that there is still quality hip hop available. I blend vocal and production styles together to form a unified sound. I love to make people think, and I love to make people smile! You will find yourself dancing one minute, then daydreaming the next. Representin peace and love.


I have been listening to hip hop since I was young. I loved percussion instruments, as well as a good dance beat! My mom is a music teacher so its always been a big part of my life. Grew up on the East coast, moved to Oregon when I was 13. "Rap" has given itself quite a bad name as of late. Guns, violence, cars, and jewelry is the watered down junk we are left with. I make music that makes you laugh.....and offers an alternative to mainstream "rap" There are to many great underground artists to name, but they all inspire me to keep moving!


Putting the finishing touches on my first LP. "Don't talk about it, B about it" release date July 09'

Set List

Set list varies with type of venue, 7-12 songs per set. I have some great songs picked out for this one!
"Do you wanna roll it up" "4:19 got a minute" "Back in the day" "Baby" (acoustic and drum live beat...perfect track for this show) etc.