Mark Vedete

Mark Vedete


Mark Vedete's sound is a combination of music best associated with the 1960's and 70's era of rock texturing styles of blues, jazz, folk, rock and pop. Mark has also embraced the unorganized and organic musical spirt of jam bands, helping to intensify energy during live shows.


Following college graduation in 2001, Mark Vedete picked up his guitar and headed to NYC. After a brief stint in the East Village and Williamsburg music scene, broke and disenchanted, he moved to Ft. Lauderdale to collect his thoughts and start to write the music which has begun to shape his career.

Mark Vedete began playing guitar at age 14. Meshing the influences of childhood hero’s, Mark has been able to develop a unique songwriting craft blending blues rock, jazz, folk and pop. With a renewed sense of urgency Mark moved back to DC and is a regular performer in the local club scene. To learn more about Mark’s current schedule or to listen to his music, visit his website at


It Won't Be Her
Happiness Is Not A Handgun
Cleverness(Last Words)

Set List

Virtual Setlist from The Funk Box

1. Cleverness
2. New Song #2
3. It Won't Be Her
4. Happiness Is Not A Handgun
5. Electro Jam