Mark Walker Rhodes

Mark Walker Rhodes


We are a Blues Trio because 3 egos is all I can manage at one time. While Chicago and Texas Blues is the main thing, we throw in a little country and funk with some Susie-Q just to give the poor folks a break. It's all about the song, and it's all about the fun. If we have fun, so does everyone.


Lynn and I are old farts who have been playing forever, and we are joined at the hip since about 7 years ago. After many frustrating attempts to find the bass player to match our skills, we stumbled on the 20 year old Phenom, Josh Sampson, that just blows the doors off the bass and makes it what bass is supposed to be which is 80% of the music. I knew he had it in him. I have played guitar for 47 years and sung classical and rock until I decided I didn't look so good in spandex and the Blues was the way to gracefully indulge my passion for performance without getting laughed out of town. Lynn has played jazz drums since everyone else was into Zeppelin and Cream he was digging Buddy Rich and Miles Davis. Not matter, Blues is the kissin cousin of Jazz, and he shows us how it's done on Route 66. Muddy Waters is God. Willie Dixon is Jesus, and I am a lowly disciple who can't seem to pay attention long enough not to have fun even though this is very serious business. NOt.


I'm Leaving

Written By: Mark Walker Rhodes

Well, I'm leaving in the morning
Got to get away
I'm going down to New York City
And get my pay.

I been working here for nothing
Makes no sense to me
I been giving all my lovin
For nothing but misery.

Well, a dollar won't buy me
No dreams anymore.
I been thinking way too much
Of what it's all going for.
I been drinking way more
Than I was shooting for.
This just ain't gonna work,
There's only one thing I know for sure:

I'll be leaving in the morning
Got to get away
I'm going down to New York City
And get my pay.


Go to and you will hear everything I have had the time to put up there. We record all our performances, but I have a day job and kids, so I can't get all the tracks up there I'd like. The local college station KEWU and others play our discs sometimes when I manage to burn them one.

Set List

We can do lots of old Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker, etc. and Neil Young, who I consider very blue. We are up there to please our listening audience, so one can never predict what happens. We made up a song on the spot one night, put it on the website as Nocturnal Emission, and got requests for it, but we didn't even know how to play it, so we made up something else. Creativity is what it's all about.