Mark Watson Band

Mark Watson Band


Mark Watson's melodic guitar work and the harmonies of Todd Jones and Casey McDonough make MWB one of Chicago's premier modern power pop band's. With influences from Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Cheap Trick, MWB creates radio ready tracks with big guitars and unforgettable hooks.


MARK WATSON BAND’s sound can be traced back to the suburbs of Chicago when Mark Watson would sit in his basement and play his favorite albums on his parents’ stereo. The guitar rock of Kiss and Cheap Trick competed for airplay with the pure melodies and harmonies of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Mark Watson Band showcases these influences to create the modern power pop sound that earned the band critical raves for “coulda…shoulda…woulda”, their full-length album released in 2000 on Big Blast Records. The single, “The King Of Big Mistakes” received airplay on over 80 college, public, and international radio stations from as far away as Australia, Portugal, and Turkey. The song drew praise from many DJs and critics. The Buffalo Beat said, "’The King Of Big Mistakes’ should be on power pop compilations for years to come.”

The band followed the release of the album by performing and perfecting their live show. The band played at the historic Park West Theatre in Chicago, numerous summer festivals, and completed mini-tours. They were also a featured performer at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Los Angeles.
The band consistently wins over fans with their energetic and irresistible guitar pop. Audiences can relate to the sharp, intelligent lyrics about everyday life. Shake It Up adds, “Watson may turn out to be one of the more underrated writers in pop today – the man has remarkable pop instincts.”

The band is currently in the studio finishing up tracks for their upcoming release. The new music features bigger guitars and more bite while retaining all the tunefulness of their previous work. After putting together a new line-up and performing many of the new songs live, the band was excited to try and capture the energy and excitement of the music in the studio. Mission accomplished. The first two songs, “Beautiful” and “Falling For You”, can be
heard on the band’s advance promotional CD. With rock music containing irresistible hooks, memorable choruses, loud melodic guitars, and intelligent
lyrics, MARK WATSON BAND is looking forward to the future.


1995-"Riding The Big Grey Beast"- Big Blast Records
Guests include renowned Bassist Bob Lizik.

2000-"Coulda..Shoulda..Woulda..- Big Blast Records
Featuring keyboardist Scott Bennett(Brian Wilson), and Earl Talbot(Poi Dog Pondering) on congas.

2006-"From Here on Out"- Big Blast Records
The upcoming CD from MWB. Produced by MWB guitarist Todd Jones, the tracks feature the great harmonies and melodies of past songs with an emphasis on a bigger fuller sound. Guests include Keyboardist Doug Corella (The Verve Pipe). BIG GUITARS AND BIG HARMONIES PREVAIL...

Set List

Original Material as well as various covers. Typically 45-90 minute set.

Covers Include:
"No Matter What"-Badfinger
"The Middle"-Jimmy Eat World
"Good Times,Bad Times"-Led Zeppelin
"Hey Jealousy"-Gin Blossoms
"Times Like These"-Foo Fighters