Marla Hooch

Marla Hooch


Marla Hooch is a four-piece all-girl queer dance punk band heading out of Brooklyn, NY. With roots ranging from riot grrl, hair metal, electro-clash and classic rock, the Hooch, clad in boxer briefs, leave jaw dropping performances and booty shakes galore.


They are four Brooklyn girls wearing booty shorts playing dance punk. They are shaking their asses in a sweaty, drunken frenzy. Make way for MARLA HOOCH.
The band was conceived when teenage runaway, Jenny Maurer (guitar and vocals) met Egyptian refugee Soraya Odishoo (lead vocals) at Harlem´s Westside High School. The pair were friends for years before they embarked on a drinking binge inspired road trip to gay haven Northampton, Massachusetts to pick up some hotties, and after their drunken pickups were botched, instead decided to form a band.
Jenny and Soraya decided to name their band after a homely underdog character, Marla Hooch, from the nineties film: A League of Their Own. They began rehearsing in Jenny´s dorm room with an out of tune borrowed guitar and a cassette tape recorder.
Six months later Soraya had a rare encounter with a Brooklyn legend, a forty year old spider monkey rescued by a crazed Vietnam veteran while serving overseas. During her acquaintance with the primate and its adopted father, she realized she was in the same building as infamous Paula Spiro’s female drummers workshop. Soraya met Paula, and was referred to a hard-hitting drummer named Sandy Levering.
Bassist Sarah Strauss was one of many respondents to a posted ad entitled “All Girl Queer Band Needs Bassist!!!” Sarah attended the next rambunctious Hooch show at Brooklyn’s Trash Bar and instantly fell in love.
Marla Hooch are mayhem inspiring raunchy punk following in the riot girl tradition. The Hooch is inspired by the likes of Bikini Kill, AC/DC, Lil' Kim, and Joan Jett. During the few sober moments of their set, slower numbers may bring a slurry of tears, or at the very least, unsuspected heartburn.
Featured in Vice Magazine, GO-NYC Magazine, and Mass Appeal, Marla Hooch has played festivals including Culture Shock @ SUNY Purchase, and Ladyfest South. The girls have extensively performed throughout New York City in venues such as The Knitting Factory, Piano's, and CBGB's, and have performed nationally, touring across the Pacific Northwest and the Deep South in the past year alone.


Show me How

Written By: Sarah Strauss & Jenny Maurer

Show me how
Show me how
to talk dirty.

Don't make me beg.
Cause im the kitty waitin' in your bed.
I sent you many secret messages,
not on a bird or a card,
somethin' im feelin' baby but not in my heart.

Show me how
Show me how
to fuck dirty.

Don't make me wait cause im the chocolate baby in your chocolate cake.

Something im feelin' baby but not in my heart,
something im sayin or about to start.

Show me
Show me how your mind is blown
close are torn
how to make me worn.

Lucky to Have One

Written By: Jenny Maurer & Soraya Odishoo

Hey you i can see your face,
but girl your fuckin' lucky to have one,
your fuckin' lucky to have one.

You know the distance spends more time with me,
than you ever had,
i see it in your face,
i write in your eyes,
the distance spends more time with me,

Your fuckin' lucky to have one,
yeah yeah your fuckin' lucky to have one,
to have one,
to have one,
lucky to have one..

This song will never sing to you the right way,
so i write it down,
hope you can hear my sound the right way,

And you know i feel that down,
And you know she feels that down,

Gonna be number 5
Gonna take a dive,

That day in last july my laces were broken tied,
I saw you wonder past the way my smile stays,
thought this was built to last the right way,

Watching you standing there completely unaware of me,
and i realize this was never what i thought it was.

I see it in your eyes,
I see it your face,

your fuckin' lucky to have one,
your fuckin' lucky to have one.


Marla Hooch - Hooch it! 2006
Seagull Beer
Lucky to have one
On Your Knees

Set List

Typical set - 30 minutes / 10 songs

Oh yeah
Break it on Down
Show me how
Port Angeles
Katie's Pornos
Love Song
SeaGull Beer
Lucky to Have one