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"Greenspace - Valencia"

Mixing alternative rock with Spanish gypsy music would be a radical idea, if Sonic Youth's peers (and superiors) Pixies hadn't already perfected it at the back end of the Eighties. Some bands do this all the time: local heroes Marlango, for example, whose stunning singer Leonor Watling's PJ Harvey-meets-Astrud Gilberto-meets-Sarah Vaughan thing is truly enchanting. - The Independent

"First album review"

Leonor Watling has proved herself an amazing singer as well as already being an amazing actress. I just got this cd in the mail yesterday and I cannot stop listening to it! Many songs take you into a dreamy jazz world with Leonor's voice as your guide. It can be playful, smokey and meloncholy all at once. Sometimes I swear I can hear the scotch hit the ice in the glasses in the background of some of the songs. I can not wait to get Marlango's new album "Automatic Perfection". If you already love her as an actress as I do, I guarentee you will love her as a singer. Hats off to you Leonor! Te quero mucho! -

"Automatic imperfection review"

Sweet dark grind from Spain

Spanish based Marlango are a Tom Waits influenced group with a great darkly sensual husky female voice (actress Leonor Watling, featured in some Almodovar films and others)and a a bunch of sweetly arranged, slightly grinding songs that follow an absorbing fault-line between jazz and rock: insinuating guitar lines, soft melodic trumpet swoops, English lyrics that I haven't had time to concentrate on yet, but sound fairly interesting: it all makes a very satisfactory mix, really worth hearing. They're going to be immensely popular I reckon. -

"Automatic Imperfection Japan"

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Seducing and powerful are two of the adjectives that describe best Marlango´s style on stage. Although the band has a spanish background the lyrics are written in english. Also musically speaking, they have their roots closer to the jazz/pop orientated music, thanks to the intense voice of Leonor Watling, perfectly harmonized with Alejandro Pelayo on piano and Oscar Ybarra on trumpet/flugelhorn.

Leonor Watling is best-known outside her native Spain as the star of movies such as Pedro Almodóvar's "Talk to Her". But she may soon be better known for her musical career now that "Automatic Imperfection", the second album by Watling's exceptional ensemble Marlango, is receiving a global release through Universal Classics & Jazz: After selling more than 100.000 copies of their debut album, the second achieved soon gold (50.000 units) after it’s release 2005 by a spanish indie label. Due to their overwhelming success, Marlango just signed this spring directly to Universal Music Spain. During July, Universal Classics & Jazz began re-releasing the album in Europe, Latin America, Japan, Singapore and Australia on Emarcy/Verve year”.

Marlango´s had this summer it’s first european concerts in the prestigeous Jazz à Vienne Festival, the Festival de la Côte d´Opale as opening act for Robert Plant, The Popkomm in Berlin and the Wien Jazz Fest
- F-Cat


The electrical morning (Universal 2007)

Selection (Subterfuge 2007) - Early days compilation

Automatic Imperfection (Subterfuge/Universal 2005)

Marlango (Subterfuge 2004)

Enjoy the ride ep (Subtefuge 2003)



Nearly four years have passed since Leonor Watling, Alejandro Pelayo and Oscar Ybarra, that is, Marlango, showed to us their ability to make songs. They no longer need further presentations. Their third album, “The Electrical Morning”, is a confirmation of their maturity as a band and invites us to consider the existence of a “Marlango sound”—a sound with a personality of its own born out of the breath of Tom Waits at the nape of their necks that has grown up looking up to PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Calexico, Mark Lanegan and Eels.

“The Electrical Morning” was born with the vocation of becoming a milestone, of wanting to sum up all the experiences of the band to date in order to let the future in. Conceived as a compilation of songs in the most classic sense of the word to be listened to from beginning to end, each of the thirteen tracks could be the perfect introduction to a completely different album on its own and yet they all share a common pattern that brings them together. Each song has its own reason for being, but they all seem to coincide on the same stage at that electrifying moment where the night ends and the morning breaks, when the remaining bits of night euphoria cross paths with the intact energy of those who start a new day.

But above all links is Leonor Watling, who stands as a reference in “The Electrical Morning”. Leonor has written all the lyrics in the album and lends her ever more versatile and expressive voice to the songs broadening her registers, ranging from intimacy to forcefulness, but always at the service of her stories. Her songs develop the imagery of the band by playing with the contrasts of life, its contradictions, its irony: love and lack of affection are two sides of the same coin; sex without love and love without sex do exist; the morning light is nothing more than a ray of hope in a pointless obscure world saturated with information, but a ray condemned to disappear at the end of the day... And despite that, it is all worthwhile.

The sounds in “The Electrical Morning” go one step beyond from Marlango’s first two albums. Fully produced by Alejandro Pelayo, it includes new sounds from monophonic instruments, such as the Martenot waves or the Minimoog, a larger presence of electric guitars and the electronic treatment of “real” instruments, eluding samplers and loops. All that hand by hand with the pianos that have become their trademark and an “organic” aftertaste shared with their previous albums resulting from a recording experience where all musicians played at the same time seeing each other.

Together with Leonor, Alejandro and Oscar was the band that normally accompanies Marlango in its concerts: Gonzalo Maestre (drums), Vicent Huma (guitar) and Manuel Bagüés (bass). The album features Miguel Bosé, Jorge Drexler, and old friends such as Ricardo Moreno, Suso Saíz and Pablo Novoa, amongst others. The album was recorded and mixed by Ángel Martos at the Musicland (Girona) and Track (Madrid) studios in April and May. UE Nastasi, of Sterling Sound (New York) was in charge of masterization.

“Hold Me Tight” is the first single of the album and it is possibly the song that best defines Marlango as a band to date, half way between nostalgia and the most explicit carnality. The music video of the single was directed by Luis Cerveró, who has worked with Christina Rosenvinge and Los Planetas, and is accompanied by a series of clips already available from This theme, together with a dozen other brilliant songs, shapes “The Electrical Morning”: an album set to mark a before and after in Marlango’s career.