Marni and Melissa

Marni and Melissa


Acoustic folk duo whose passionate harmonies and intricate guitar work will blow you away.


Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Marni Kellison had been playing and composing music for just under a decade, she arrived in Montreal three years ago with an extensive portfolio of intricate guitar lines and haunting vocal melodies. Kellison has been playing intermittently at Café Esperanza’s monthly Catcall and has since moved on with Melissa to grace the stages of numerous Montreal and Ottawa based acoustic hot spots, as well as some fabulous POP Montreal Music Festival shows. The combination of Kellison’s warm tenor vocals, punchy rhythms, and compelling lyrics gives her music the rich texture needed to be accessible to a wide audience.

Melissa Drysdale spent her early years on Long Island’s East End before moving to Amherst, Massachusetts, where she earned a Bachelor of Music on flute, and developed a passionate and heartfelt style which comes across in her vocal lines. Originally concentrating on spoken word and poetry, she completed one chap book before turning her attention to song-writing, producing lyrics that come alive through vibrant imagery and thoughtful prose. She crafts playful melodies and sings with a raw honesty that touches and engages listeners.

This duo creates music that takes their audiences through heartbreak, day to day life and loss. Their folky acoustic guitar work gives their vocals room to soar and it's impossible not to lean forward during a live show and dream of losing yourself in the beautiful sounds that they have created. Their album is just as impressive and moving as their live show- the perfect escape from the world, throw it into your discman (or Ipod) and blast it full volume, close your eyes and enjoy...



Written By: M Kellison

I've escaped the cityscape to find home in these hillsides
And you awake to pavement heat and harbour scenes
Passing minutes stitched together with threads of longing
The fabric of a love woven in dreams

Don't let me go now, don't let me turn back into maybe
There's four hundred miles of bad timing and Fate's sense of irony

And I guess that we will go walking on a cool night in August
Under the same red sun
And I know that we have been chosen
And all of our weaknesses will be laid down
And my heart will wait out the time left in this mission
Only to lay itself down at the feet of my love
Waiting for me in Baltimore

Still summer evenings spent talking with ghosts
Curling in smoke, shapes of a woman
I'm lying awake in this bed by the water
This cross burning a hole in my hand

I won't let you go now, won't let you turn back into silence
These urgent memories speak the truths that we both know


I wanted to be there when you cried out for me
And I know that He is still here, and He's telling me not to fear
It won't be long now, so lay your head down on me



Written By: -Melissa Drysdale-

tell me your stories of flying and wishes
and songs that you've written for all of your lovers past.
eskimos cheek-to-cheek and barely breathing
your pulling the goose bumps out of my skin
it's quiet in this house today

touch to touch, lip to lip, and telling stories
with the lines inside your hands, behind your irises
i want to sleep in the spaces between your ribs
i wanna feel you breathing
i've been waiting for this.

if i told you my story, all of the lovers' scenes
would involve kisses held under doorways
songs that i've written are always half-finished
i hold on for too long to tunes that were never committed.
is it snowing in halifax today?

When I'm Old

Written By: Melissa Drysdale

when i am old
i will sweep you off your feet
i will lean into you, in the morning
and it'll be so easy, yeah

when i am old
you will take me as i am
we won't have to talk about love
but we will just the same
you won't have to worry
which words to use and when
i will sign each one of my letters,
love, love, in permanent pen

but nothing's ever easy in love
just let my parents tell you that
they been married thirty years
and in love all of that time

when i am old
i will sing you to sleep
you will read me stories in bed
and i will make you tea
what to say of this quiet existence?
well my mother, she's doing fine
and my father, he brings her flowers
and he comes home every night
when i am old
i'll write love songs like these
i will sing to my children, as my mother sang to me
we will be stronger than any disease

*guitar break*

when i am old
i don't know where i'll be
i can't promise you thirty years
but i'll give you the best of my todays
and if simple is what you want, boy
i'll do my best not to make you cry
nothing's ever easy
but it doesn't mean we can't try


Marni and Melissa
Self Titled Release

Marni and Melissa Live

'Marni and Melissa' is currently in specific show rotation on Montreal based CKUT 90.3

Set List

Please Come Back to Me
Man Behind the Man
Wrong For You
When I Am Old
Tuesday Afternoon
Andrew's Song
Nancy I Think
Lonely Painter
Fingertips and Roses
Only After You