Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern


My music is conceptual and fun at the same time. Makes you see the unseen. I try to tap into the innerworld by taking risks. I play by myself, but it sounds like a full band and I don't think I sound like anyone but myself.


I'd like to think that on my best day, I blend the chaotic tendencies of spazzcore and the technical aspects of Progg into one metabolized unit. I'm also a crazy guitar shredder, which everyone seems to enjoy. Influences: Zappa, Yoko Ono, US Maple, Deerhoof, Hella, Orthrelm, Animal Collective, The Shaggs, Ex-Models, Erase Errata, Ruins etc.


Set List

My songs are short and complex. I play about 10 songs in 25 minutes.
1. Gospelitis 3:04
2. Civil War 1:12
3. My best friend's Number 2:18
4. No Boundry 2:30
5. Keep trucking 2:51
6. Building Blocks 2:50
7. I've Got A Receipt For This, Ya Know! 3:50
8. Clappin or Clapton 1:44
9. You Are The Future 3:01
10. What Amplified Is And What Amplified Isn't 1:55