Sweet, melodic, smooth and soulful; perfectly groovy with a combination of jazz, soul, acoustic and house flavors; music that speaks to the heart, from the heart.


Described as sparkling, magnetic, and sultry, singer and songwriter marqseven has been performing professionally since 1999. Music has long been a passion of hers, as her evolution began by playing various musical instruments in elementary and high school, and then dancing with a local rap group in the early nineties. She has been bringing her deepest thoughts, truest emotions and colorful imagination to life on paper composing original song lyrics, short stories and poetry. She began sharing her poetic works at various open mics around Chicago while infusing her rich, deep vocals into her performances. All drawn from her personal experiences, marqseven's poignant pieces celebrate the inspiration of a new love, the frustration of unbalanced relationships, spirituality and personal growth.

In August 2000, marqseven made her professional debut as a jazz vocalist with saxophonist David Boykin and The David Boykin Expanse, and is featured on his 2001 release, 47th Street Ghost. She has performed in many popular venues and festivals, including the 2001 Chicago Jazz Festival, which was broadcast live on WBEZ 91.5 FM. In May 2003, she was chosen as one of ten finalists in the Chicago Music Opportunity Project (CMOP) showcase competition and has one of her songs, Strange Love, featured on the CMOP compilation CD, CMOP Volume I. She has shared the stage with some of the world's most accomplished musical talent, including Howard Hewett, Vinx, Soul People, and the Damian Espinosa Jazz Ensemble. She has also been seen as one of The Supremes in V. Holmes' “Tribute to the Motown Greats". She is currently performing locally and nationally with the Ken Arlen Orchestra.

All in one show, marqseven delivers the best, from stirring soul classics to bold, emotionally honest originals. Through her mellow vocals, irresistible smile and contagious energy, she captivates and tantalizes her audience from start to finish, creating an unforgettable vibe and a simply incredible performance. Her EP, Synchronicity, features a smooth, honeyed blend of acoustic, soul and house tunes.


Black Star

Written By: Marquecia Jordan/marqseven

Have I ever told u that i adore u?
A million times I must’ve said it in my head
A million times afraid to say that I’m feeling u every day
So I close my eyes and fuss at u instead
Then I can’t see what u do to me
I can’t see what u do for me
I can’t see that u are for me my divine energy

Shining brightly on this world
Burning fiercely in this girl
I love u baby, u are my black star

Maybe on this earth we’ll grow
and our paths will start to flow
into one another baby, my black star

I know sometimes it gets rough
But maybe u don’t think you're good enough
for me, but I’m willing to do what it takes, u see
for u and I
to one day see eye to eye
and to build a love that transcends all time

Wish that I could be your 24/7 muse
‘cause brotha I love to hear u speak
Tell me just how much u need me
Allow your emotions to feed me
so when u need a shelter, I’m the one u seek

What must I say, baby, what must I do
to let u know I’m lovin’ u
Though we don’t know of tomorrow
U and I could grow if u’d just let go


U (A Song for Shay)

Written By: Marquecia Jordan/marqseven and Shay Ames


There’s not a star in the sky
nor man that passes me by
that compares to

I’m tucking away love’s past
Today, I know this love will last
My baby, my baby, see our reflection in the glass
Don’t break it – don’t break it

No need to fret
No need to seek
The world begins
at your feet

No need to fret
No need to seek
The world ends
at your feet

I found a heaven I cannot leave (found a heaven I can’t leave)
A dream in which I believe
A blessing I have received (I have received)



In Love With U (Remix)

Written By: Marquecia Jordan/marqseven

Watching u sleepin’ next to me
I wonder what u dream
What keeps u so at peace
and not toss and turn like me

Is it the god in u i’m feelin’?
Or that it’s 3am the reason
I have butterflies inside me?
U simply excite me

It’s hard to be cool when i’m a wanting fool
in love with u
So lost in u, being a wanting fool
in love with u

It’s not just the night time
that u fall on my mind
but anytime
Do u have to be so damn fine

It’s too much of a distraction
When i think of my attraction
to u baby, physically
I love the way u be lovin’ me


I close my eyes and you’re the only one i see
I fantasize that you’re feeling the same way for me
I realize that i want no other
I’m all into u brotha, hey

Chorus (2x)

Gods and Goddesses

Written By: Marquecia Jordan/marqseven

What is this world comin’ to?
Where is the dark comin’ from?
Is there poison in the wind
come to cover up the sun?

Our babies, they need the light
to nurture their growing minds
to learn the right battles to fight
to themselves and others, be kind

Children need to see the positive
and learn to counteract the negative
Find balance in the world in which we live
What they get from life is what they give

Mothers, teach your daughters to be strong
Help them learn to find their goddess song
Fathers, teach your sons to be real men
Help them learn to find their god within

What is this world comin’ to?
It’s gettin’ harder to find the truth
It’s lost in the endless pursuit
of power and money, what do we do?

Our babies, they need to learn
that respect is something you earn
Righteousness is the path that you seek
An evolving spirit will never grow weak


(Instrumental break)

Chorus (2x)


-synchronicity (2007)
-Love Grows EP (2004)
-Goddess Within Project Compilation CD (2004)
-CMOP Compilation CD, Volume 1 (2003)
-West End Records International Music Search TOP 10 (2003-2004) (featured on "If Things Don't Get Better")
-southsideacousticwave demo (2003)
-47th Street Ghost, The David Boykin Expanse (2001)

Set List

Set includes original and cover music. Note that this is only a partial list.
Black Star
Gods and Goddesses
In Love with U
U (A Song for Shay)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Ain’t Nobody
Baby I’m a Star
Blue Rose
Chasing Strange
Crazy in Love
Dancing in the Streets
Deep Waters
Disco Inferno
Don't Stop the Music
Falling Slowly
For Once in My Life
Get Together
He Loves Me
Human Nature
I Am Not My Hair
I Will Survive
Keep Your Head to the Sky
Killing Me Softly
Kiss of Life
Last Dance
Like a Star
My Cherie Amour
Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
Proud Mary
Put Your Records On
Ribbon in the Sky
Shake It
Smooth Operator
Stop in the Name of Love
Sweet Dreams
True Colors
What’s Going On
What You Won’t Do for Love
You Gotta Be
Autumn Leaves
Black Coffee
Can’t Get Out of This Mood
Cheek to Cheek
Cry Me a River
Devil May Care
Georgia on My Mind
Girl from Ipanema