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Marques Bovre & SoDangYang


Marques Bovre and SDY: Put Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, St. Francis, Amelia Earhart and Earl Hickey in blender. Shake with fire and ice. Pour into the broken vessels of humanity (salt on rim to taste). Drink


Marques Bovre is celebrating his 20th year as a working musician. He has long been a songwiter's songwriter. But live and electric expressions of his writing craft is the real essence of what he does best. He's just one of those artists who has to be witnessed live and in the naked now to be fully appreciated and understood. Bovre has been through the ringer for the last decade, having 6 total joint replacement surgeries due to a rare osteoarthritic condition. He's been a stay at home dad for Madeline (11) and Quintin (10) during that decade as well. He's been working with open tunings to accommodate his hand issues and a new sound has evolved. That's Bovre in a nutshell, trying to take what life gives (an often messy and painful set of gifts), and sending it back out to the universe with a few splashes of hard won beauty. Ours is a country of people who hunger for just that.
Jim Schwall is a legendary musician, a kind of pop music Zelig. He's pretty much been and done everything there was


Cooler Than You Are

Written By: Marques Bovre

I got a plywood six string when I was seven years old.
I didn't play it for a decade, I just wanted something beautiful to hold.
I learned my first three chords from a beauty named Suzie Yee,
But what would Suzie Yee think of me,
Still playing them at 43?
You always look a little cooler than you are when you're playing your guitar.
Street corners and in neighborhood bars, always playing your guitar.
Feel like everybody's favorite star when you're playing your guitar.

Henry bought a Hamer, was a musical, electrical delight.
It was his first infatuation, they made noisy love all hours of the night.
All the townies followed him, but he hadn't any love to give.
Now he plays in cover bands, lives alone and works the second shift.
This guitar's a lot like Elvis, you can play it for a sad cliche.
You're never gonna get it 'less you caught it in the early days.
I'm just living for the playing as a simple way to thank the Lord,
For every fraction of Eternity still singing in a ringing chord.


"New Guitar" ep, released December 2006

Set List

SoDangYang currently performs one or two sets of original material, with a cover or two thrown in. Sets typically run 45 to 60 minutes apiece.