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Hearts of Men Mixtape (2013)

Sex Song-Hearts of Men Mixtape (2012)

Filthy-Hearts of Men Mixtape(2013)

Rewind ft.Marquis Love (Bible Boy-In His Image-2012)



On stage at a Christian Hip Hop Showcase, four young men dressed in black walk on stage with microphones in hand. One signals for the DJ to start the track while the others gaze into the crowd. The beat drops with fury and they scatter across the stage screaming into their microphones with such intensity, in an attempt to evoke excitement into the hearts of the spectators. The crowd awakens and begins to move to the beat, never acknowledging the muffled lyrics blaring out of the speakers on either side of the stage. The DJ scratches away, the four young men continue to scream their unheard message into their microphones. When suddenly one of the young men stops and stares into the crowd. He puts his microphone by his side, and watches his counterparts continue to perform. He then asks himself a question; “What are we doing?” The song comes to an end, and in the same fashion that they came, they went… Not exactly, one of them left changed. One of them left with a question that he had never asked before and an answer that would change the course of his life and ministry forever.

“Life’s got to offer more than this…” a line from Fly Away a song by Christian artist Marquis Love. A song in which Marquis identifies and relates to questions asked and emotions often felt by the people of the world. “I’ve always felt like there has to be more to life than our day to day routines, there has to be a deeper purpose for us than just “this” “. Marquis has been noted for being an “illustrator” of words. Being gifted with the ability to paint pictures with words, this often makes his stories and metaphors a bit easier to understand while still grabbing the heart of the listener.
In a world where most artist are no longer driven by passion or purpose but instead greed and pleasure. Its always refreshing to find that One artist that will use their gift as weapon for the better of a generation. The one motivated by change. The one driven by purpose. Marquis Love is that One.
Since being introduced to songwriting at the age of thirteen, Marquis has made it his soul mission to challenge, if not change, the lives of whom ever comes in contact with his music. This mission is yet to go unfulfilled. In songs like “Take It” Marquis opens up to his listeners about his personal struggles as a Christian. He reflects true transparency with this song in particular. He speaks on his battle with condemning thoughts just as well as lingering guilt that may plague a Christian after they “slip-up“. “I wanted people to understand that we all have struggles but we should not submit to our urges. And even when we slip up, we should not condemn ourselves and fall deeper into sin and depression. But that we will find freedom in Christ, through His Grace and Forgiveness”.

With songs like “Filthy” and “Food Fight” Marquis shines light on the hypocritical mindset that may plague some church-goers. In “Filthy”, Marquis speaks to those who carry the “Holier than thou” mindset. Letting them know that we have no room to boast at all and that we are just as filthy as others, if not worse. In songs like “Food Fight”, Marquis talks to those that consistently try to get the speck out of their neighbors eye but can’t see the log in their own (Matther7:3). “Food fight, is mainly for those that disregard the truth about themselves but try and give it to others”.

Each song has the ability to convict and rebuild, but only through Gods divine power. ““If you hear a song that changes your life, you usually remember what was said in the song, the lyrics. That’s all I want to do, change lives through my lyrics by allowing God to use me as His instrument for the people”.