Isaiah Hill A.K.A. Marquis was born in Gastonia, NC in 1993. He grew up with out an earthly father in His life, but was not fatherless. Isaiah gave his life over to Christ at the age of 12. Upon becoming a christian, Isaiah still had tests he had to persevere through to build his faith in Jesus. Through high school his dream was to be an artist. This dream was sparked by his favorite rapper Lecrae. He connected with people at school that were also doing music and started pursuing a career in rap with the rap name TFC (The Father's Creation). Isaiah wanted to be different so he chose to go the gospel rap route. When he graduated, Isaiah got deeper into the music because he had a little more time on his hands. Around April of 2012, he knew he wasn't doing the music for Jesus, but for his own gain. In realizing this, Isaiah erased everything he had done as TFC, changed his name to Marquis and started doing his music for the glory of Christ without a care in his mind if he gets recognition for it.


Thank You (first release on ReverbNation).