My music is for everyone. Even though we have to categorize it as gospel, everyone can relate to the messages. I enjoy creating and writing music, just as much as performing it. It's my first and only LOVE for now!!! My music explains me, up beat and passionate. The music I make has heart!!!!


Minister Marquita Sheree’ Sutton was born on January 25, 1984 to Wanda and Alexander Sutton III, in Durham, North Carolina. She has an brother older that provides her with support and encouragement. She has a very supportive family that helps guide her in the right direction. She gave her life to Christ on March 5, 1995 at Mount Zion Christian Church in Durham, North Carolina, during a play titled, “will you be ready when Jesus comes?” She was 11 years old and the play touched her very soul. For 11 years she has been saved and is still holding strong. Glory to God!! Minister Sutton graduated from Riverside High School on May 30, 2002. She was very active in the JROTC program in her high school, where she held a very high ranking and leadership position. After graduation, Minister Sutton decided to attend Durham Technical Community College, and to major in education to become a teacher. Minister Sutton has also been very faithful to her church, Ecclesia House of Prayer in Durham, NC. Her pastor is the Dr. Evelyn Gilchrist ( she gives honor to her late Bishop James C. Gilchrist). She has been apart of Ecclesia for 13 years. She serves in the following capacities at Ecclesia: pulpit aid, youth advisor, pastor anniversary committee, missionary, choir member/ directress, armorbearer to her pastor, and associate minister. Minister Sutton did her initial sermon at the tender age of 14, and is still as of today ministering the word of to the people. Life for Minister Sutton has not been a walk or a bed of roses, but like her Bishop (who has gone to be with the Lord) taught her, you must still remain holy and humble at all cost, even when you feel like you can’t take anymore. Many noticed that there was something different about this young lady as she grew up. Instead of complaining, she chose to praise God through it all. God has done marvelous things for her, so instead of being stressed, she has decided to focus on God’s purpose for her life. She has been called and chosen like Jeremiah; so therefore, there is work to be done.


I have one EP out now and it's titled, "Purpose of the Process" If someone is interested in helping me with my music career, please contact me so I can get you a copy of my EP. I'm not able at this time to upload 1 song, sorry about the inconvience.

1. God's in Charge of my Life
2. How Majestic is your Name
2. Father Here Am I

Set List

I generally do at least 3 songs and they are: How majestic is your name, Father Here Am I, and God's in Charge of My Life.