Real. Nuff Said.


Have you wondered what happened to real artists? Well, Marquita is a profound artist in every sense. This singer/rapper/songwriter/producer truly does it all. Her voice is a refreshing sound, as clear as a bird, but don’t let the sweet voice fool you. When she steps to the Mic, she definitely proves her worthiness of the title MC. Marquita will capture you with her hypnotic, butterscotch vocals and then move you with her soul grabbing lyrics and intense delivery. With the vision of being a major contributor to the R&B and Hip Hop genre, she has all the tools to do it and will do it well.

Born in Miami, Florida, Marquita has taken her life’s journey and put it into song. Her passion for music began at a very young age. She began songwriting at the tender age of 8 and began singing and rapping shortly after that. After the attempt of forming signing groups failed, Marquita decided to pursue a solo career. Major music influences include Whitney Houston, Betty Wright, Minnie Ripperton, Sybil as well as Jay- Z, MC Lyte, Slick Rick and Lauren Hill. It is evident that Marquita is creating music that will not only touch her listeners, but also timeless works that will influence the future of the music industry.

In 2006, Marquita was a featured artist on Wordsmith Entertainment’s “Pass the Mic” mixtape. The album included two covers with original lyrics titled “Watch Me” and “Just Do It” as well as two original tracks titled “Tonite” and “Crazy” which was produced by up and coming Miami based producer/rapper Strife. Marquita is currently in the studio working on her debut album which will include some of the industries top notch producers. Her listeners should expect to experience an eventful ride as they travel through Marquita’s life through her music.

Are you still wondering where the true artists are? Look no further- Marquita has arrived and she is not leaving until the redemption of music is completed.


Is It Me

Written By: Marquita Whittingham

Verse 1

Been holding this in
For a real long time
This pain runs deep
I can’t take the lies
You say there’s no one else
It’s just you and I
I can’t believe you
So I have to pry

Bridge 1

Do you sit there and text on your phone
(While I)
Sit next to you feeling alone
(And Why)
When I’m sleeping in your home
(I arise)
You’re ex is knocking on the window
Why is your ex is knocking at the window
Why is your ex is is knocking at the window
Why is your ex is knocking at the window
Why is this bitch knocking at the window?

Is it me?
Is it me?
Can it be?
You can’t see
What you have
In me
It’s not me
You will see
What you’ll lose
If you
Lose me

Verse 2

Stayed quiet for way too long
Cause I wasn’t sure if I could be strong
And deep down I really love you
Tell me what to do
I want to believe that you’ll never hurt me
And that you’ll never put our love in jeopardy
And I’m willing to stick it out
But I’m having doubts
So tell me please

Bridge 2

You say that you’re going with your friends
(But I)
Know it’s that chick so let’s not pretend
(And Why)
Why you’re still accepting her calls
(If I)
If it was me I’d be up against the wall
I’d be against the wall (What am I doing)
I’d be against the wall (Who am I fooling)
I’d be against the wall (Somebody help me please)
Why am I against the wall?

Hook (2 Times)

Verse 3
Stayed quiet for way too long
Cause I wasn’t sure if I could be strong
And deep down I really love you
Tell me what to do

You Can't

Written By: Marquita Whittingham


You don’t really want to step to this
You’re dead wrong if you think you can mess with this
Think twice before you get with this
‘Cause you’ll never get the chance to get the best of this
(Repeat 3x)

Verse 1

Sitting at the bar looking fly
See a cutie staring from the corner of my eye
But damn this guy on my right
Can’t take a hint I ain’t tryna leave with him tonight
To the left I go
Strut my hips straight cross the dance floor
Model chick so I got to stop and pose
Niggas staring so hard just take a photo
It’s Mz. Wit in this bitch
Thought it was St. Louis with these Lunatics
Niggas going psycho all over Mz. Wit
Dude at the bar still trying to buy me a drink (Damn)
I guess you ain’t hear
I need a bottle of Patron
Not that Belvedere
Not the fake baller now
But the baller of the year
Its gonna cost you 50 g’s
Just to whisper in my ear


If you think you got the dough
To make my neck and ears so cold
Then come talk to me
Yeah come spend some time with me
And if you think that you can hang
On the passenger side while I whip that thang
Come ride with me
Yea come sit beside me
I don’t know if they done told you
I like real niggas not them little toy soldiers
Can you take care of me
If a nigga act up will you cock the heat?
If you think you can handle all three
Scream W, I to the mother fuckin’ T
If not don’t waste my time
Please just get off of me

Hook (2 times)
Verse 2

Now tell me why every time I’m in the club
Bitches acting like they want to get fucked up
See I’m a really cool chick
But that changes the moment ya’ll bitches want to start shit
Fuck with it if you want to
If you do I’m a harm you
This ain’t game I will come through and attack you
Then have all my girls come through and smack you
You really don’t want to fuck with this now do you?
It’s so cold in here
It must be cause Mz. Wit is over there
Apologies for the temperature change
I’m a heat it up ladies just do your thang
Just drop that thang
And rock that thang
Whine it slow
Snap, Crackle and Pop that thang
And when he wants some more
Just say give me that just give me that dough

Hook (4x)nk

Grill the mother fuckers
Tell them bitches to back up
Grill the mother fuckers
Tell them bitches to back up
Grill the mother fuckers
Tell them bitches to back up
Back up, Back up
(Repeat 3 x)


Pass The Mic Mixtape (2006)
Is It Me? (2008) Single