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"Marr Shoots, Scores With CD"

"Winter Ditches features 12 new songs with intricate stop-and-start instrumental passages that pit rock leanings against a more angular modern metal attack. Split-personality vocals offer serenity at one moment and violence the next."

Graham Rockingham
The Hamilton Spectator - The Hamilton Spectator

"Marr Steers Straight For The Ditches"

"The rhythm section is powerful and forceful, contrasted nicely by harmonized guitars. Louis' unique style of singing, often growing from a fragile whisper to a terrifying scream in the blink of an eye, is just the icing on the cake."

Brad Cheeseman
View Magazine - View Magazine

"Marr:Grunts, Wails and Slurs"

"...Marr have developed a distinct sound-an amalgam of guttural thrust and artistic flair. Primitive at times. The purity of their intention mars any specific pop artifice or convention..."

Ric Taylor
93.3 CFMU - View Magazine

"The Contenders"

"Marr write some of the most eccentric HARD ROCK songs. The fact that they are not conscious about being like the rest makes them legitimate contenders for the birth of the NEW WAVE of HARD ROCK."

Pontiac Lou Molinaro
Lou's Control C101.5fm - C101.5 FM

"Live Review Underground in Hamilton"

"This five piece shook the Underground’s foundation, performing their unique blend of strong arm-banging train-wreck anthems."

Sean Lewis
Bedlam Society -

"I'm Not a Fan of Screaming in Music!"

I've never described myself much of a metal fan, but every once and awhile I can appreciate something a little more powerful; Marr definitely filled that quota with Winter Ditches. I enjoy the album, and I'll tell you why: it's well rounded... Goosebumps, my friends; goosebumps.

- Moses -

"I Dig Winter Ditches."

Tomahawk, Stone Temple Pilots, Slipknot...these influences are apparent and work for Marr. And they take what they learned from these bands and twist it just enough where there is no way you’d mistake them for anybody but themselves.



EP Release May 2003

"Lucky You're Not Up On The Roof Today"
Full Length Release August 2004

EP Release February 2006

"Winter Ditches"
Release January 2008

"Shoot 'em Up Soundtrack"
Release February 2008

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Peeing in the sink for over 6 years, Marr has emerged from the frozen tundra of Ontario, Canada to become a renowned force in un-uniformed, underground music. Endeared as "art rock," the band consistently sidesteps the tiring signatures that have traditionally defined the generalities of rock music. Each new chapter in the book of Marr continues to outshine and outstrange the former.

On the band's second full-length CD, Winter Ditches, the members of Marr (vocalist Louis Irving, guitarists Jay Soppet and Steve Fairhurst, bassist Tom MacKenzie and drummer Todd Ouellette) have combined the eccentric meanderings of 2004's Lucky You’re Not Up On The Roof Today with the genre jumping sounds and dynamics that have become the band's hallmark. Produced and recorded with the crispness of burnt toast and punched, beaten and bruised by long-time Marr accomplice Justin Koop (Silverstein, St Alvia Cartel, Billy Talent) at B-Town Sound in Burlington, Ontario. Winter Ditches is an arcane dimension of schizophrenic melodies, vomit inducing rhythms, mammoth heaviness, bubble gum schlop-pop, mind numbing prog-core, dumb funk and electronica.

Conceptually, the album is an indicator of the human condition. A third person view of the diversity of the human race and the dealings of living within it. The script is spit, spewed and sung through the bizarre wordsmith stylings of Irving. Lyrical accounts painted overtop abstract, oddball time signature compositions in a utopia of music meets words. A slow coasting, wistful song becomes black metal becomes rock-a-billy in the blink of a crazed eye. True form musical devotees need not apply.

In addition to live exhibitions at numerous music festivals such as Summer Dayz Festival (2007) Festival of Friends (2006) It’s Your Festival (2006) and Open Eye Festival (2005), Marr continues to awe mobs in the northern United States, Eastern Canada and back at home in Southern Ontario. With a weakness for the open road, the band is prepping for a third tour of Canada in early 2008. Marr recently performed their song “Landscape” in the New Line Cinema release of Shoot ‘Em Up and will be lending the song to the soundtrack amongst the likes of Motorhead and Dillinger Escape Plan. The disc, released by Bulletproof Entertainment will be available in February.

Watch for Marr on the road in 2008 as they promote their new album Winter Ditches.

Release date: February 2008.