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Newark, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Newark, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Metal Ambient




"The Circle Pit"

When I saw that MarroTech hailed from Buffalo, NY I knew I had to check them out. On further inspection, I learned a few things. MarroTech is one guy named Joe Marro (supported by Crossing The Event Horizon’s fretless bass man Sagar Nadgir) and he’s from Newark, NY, a small town 15 minutes from my hometown. Plus, I’m pretty sure he goes to my college. This honestly could not have been any stranger for me but I’m glad I looked into the cosmic/ambient progressive metal soloist.

MarroTech’s debut EP “Non-Material Space” is expected to release in late March so hopefully in a week. His Bandpage samples some of the tracks he has written and they’re interesting to say the least. “Beyond Earth: XPE” and the teaser for “Taygeta” have elements of Between The Buried and Me, a huge inspiration in the Prog Metal scene. While Marro concerns himself with the guitar, drum/synth programming, and atmospheres, he adds guest musicians so that his song is not purely instrumental. Vocalist John Walsh of The Mechnical Migraines adds to the atmospheric metal.

Be on the lookout for this EP in the next week or so. Cosmic inspired metal is always interesting to listen to and gives my metalcore ears a break.

-Fe - The Circle Pit

"Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Aeon Spoke) on MarroTech"

"Well done!! You guys are capturing an otherworldly sonic environment. The vibe is beautiful. Will do more listening."-Paul Masvidal -

"Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) on MarroTech"

"I discovered Joe's music clips sometime back. I was very impressed with the fact that not only for his age, he was very accurate with his playing, but also he was pretty good with composition of pieces. His new music sounds very "grown-up" which is quite normal in my opinion. Probably because like other guitarists of his age who normally try to become more "self-taught and creative" and "futuristic", Joe spent a lot of time in getting his basics clear and later then he shifted his songwriting direction with his reading interests about aliens, universe and other things. These days tapping and alternate picking are highly overused and it just became boring because there are thousands of different techniques to perform one simple lick. What I like about this guy's playing is that he is one of the very few young guitarists i came across who developed a great relationship between his right hand on frets and left picking hand and he makes fusion-style improvisation very interesting with his song arrangement. I wish him a very good luck with his journey. Although with his skills on guitar i am very sure that his fans would be 98% young aspiring serious musicians and 2% pout-faced pretty girls."-Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) -

"Eric Maldonado on MarroTech"

"The word that comes to mind when thinking about Joe Marro and MarroTech is "Brilliant". That's really it. The scene is crammed with guitarists obsessing over fast playing, low tuning, and lacking mindset. Joe's music is full of outstanding song structure, atmosphere and guitar playing that you just won't hear from anyone else these days. Joe composes real music and always has something interesting to say behind his creations. The guy is constantly in God Mode, musically."-Eric Maldonado (Solo artist) -


Non-Material Space (2013)
Hiranyaloka: Ambient Guitar For Sri Yukteswar (2014)
Debut Full Length Album (TBA)
Full Length Ambient Guitar Album (TBA)

Guest Spots:

The Mechanical Migraines 
The Shreyas Skandan Project



"Well done!! You guys are capturing an otherworldly sonic environment. The vibe is beautiful. Will do more listening."-Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Aeon Spoke)

A mixture of Metal, Ambient-Drift, Progressive, Jazz Fusion, and Shoegaze. MarroTech creates an atmosphere dealing with themes such as: UFOs, Higher Lifeforms, Astral Travel, Introspection, Yoga and various aspects of Spirituality, Compassion, and Nature. All The atmospheres are created using a guitar. 

I have been playing guitar for about 13 years and writing under MarroTech since 2007. I have a degree in Music Performance and Media Study. With the concentration on Media Study, I learned how to add soundscapes to video and film and would be willing to help anyone out with that.

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