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Marrowz, born Michael Marrow, was born, raised and resides in Providence, Rhode Island. Hearing intelligence in an artists’ music today is rare, which is the reason Marrowz stands out when compared to the average industry artists. Marrowz is known for his word play, vocabulary and content. Aside from the fact he has a strong intimidating voice, at the same time it fits well on an R&B track. Marrowz has been through a lot during the early stages of his life and used his trials and tribulations as an influence to create his music. As he says, “I wouldn’t change my past if I could, my style is going to change gradually as my situation progresses, but two things I will never stop doing is being humble and hungry.” He was officially signed to indie label O.G. Entertainment early this year. Marrowz has had countless features and collaborations on various projects locally as well as releasing mix CD’s, yet still intends to stay humble and hungry. His upcoming new single, “If I Aint Gotta…” is sure to propel Marrowz to the next level. Check out the interview:

Q: I know you had some trials and tribulations in your early life, and this seems to be a constant with a lot of rappers, leading them to express themselves through rap music. How have those early life situations affected you to become or be the artist you are now, and the content of your lyrics?

A: Simple, my trials and tribulations are the blueprints for my lyrics. Every time I open my mouth I speak on a subject/area that I have hands-on experience in so I guess if I didn’t go through these things I’ll have a smaller variety of topics to speak on.

Q: How do you approach the creativity process of your music?

A: First and foremost, I need a nice bag of some good smoke, and occasionally some Grey Goose and pineapple. After that’s squared away, I’mma let the beat take me over and try to get the chorus and then put the verses together.

Q: Who or what is your musical influence or influences?

A: I would have to say my uncles and my older cousins were my influences. One of my uncles is a base player, singer, songwriter and producer that has been on tour with a few big names like Jeffery Osbourne and Joey Mcentire. And another one of my uncles has been a DJ for as long as I can remember. These are just some of the things and people that influenced me to do music.

Q: As a rap artist, what’s your purpose within the rap game, what is it that you want to bring to it and are bringing to it?

A: I feel like I’m here to give the world the story of a Providence, Rhode Island native. I say this because there has not been anyone from Providence, Rhode Island to go mainstream. And because of this, there are a lot of misconceptions about this little city of mines. I’m just here to set the people straight, give them the truth about Providence, about Rhode Island.

Q: Rap music is getting more and more highly competitive, sometimes even leading to real life violence outside of the industry. Do you think it can remain competitive, yet peaceful?

A: Oh I’m always down for the lyrical warfare, and I feel as though the right wordplay with the right selection of words, can break some niggas down worse than any hands could ever do. So yeah, I think it can be competitive but not peaceful, there’s always going to be that dude with the wack flow that’s gonna get lyrically ripped and wanna take it to the streets.