Mars and The Massacre

Mars and The Massacre


From the depths of space, Mars and the Massacre has come to f**k your eardrums with chaotically melodic Pixies punk, mixed with the sinister grunt of Queens of the Stone Age and the spacey weirdness of the Flaming Lips.


Mars & The Massacre is an L.A. based band with its members all originally hailing from Indianapolis, IN. Formed in early January 2013, the group has already gained a strong following in Los Angeles, being known particularly for their entrancing and unpredictable live shows. Members switching instruments is a common sight at a Mars & The Massacre show, as are bowed guitars, strange 1950's sci-fi samples, television sets, projectors, TV remote controls replacing guitar picks, fake blood, and even fire dancing.

"...these guys are a trio of energetic, fired up badassery. I recently caught their live show and there is no lacking in loudness, energy or fun. They are infectious. I don’t know that any one person was entirely standing still in the crowd." - Badass Bands Blog


EP A (May 2013)