Mars Bonfire

Mars Bonfire

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Rock and roll, alt. rock,


Produced by David Minehan (Neighborhoods, Replacements).
Heard on Little Steven's Underground Garage.


Wasted Love

Written By: M. Bonfire

You don't smile any more
Makin' love is a chore
You go into the bathroom and you lock the door
Don't give me your love
Don't give me your wasted love
I find his clothes in the closet
His rubbers on the floor
Then I find him under the bed
Which proves you're rotten to the core
Don't give me your love....
Don't bother to lie, I know what's true
A guy on the sly or maybe two
But where are they now?
I wish I knew
I'm gonna go mad before we're through
You've had so many chances
But now it's out the door
I won't waste my love on you anymore
Don't give me your love....
Well she's back beside me now
'Cause once again I've slipped
I really cannot fight it
I know when I'm whipped
Oh give me your love
Just give me your wasted love

Peek at You

Written By: M. Bonfire

You're not inclined to be seen with me
I see no sign that you'll ever be
Take a little peek
That's all I wanna do
Take a little peek, peek a peek peek
Peek at you
I don't know much of love and such
Just your sight if not your touch
Take a little peek....
I don't know why I act this way
When I'm near you, I must go insane
Take a little peek.....
I'm trying to see up to your balcony
I lose my step and fall out of the tree
Take a little peek....

Good Girl

Written By: M. Bonfire

She won’t be conquered, she won’t be beaten
It’s a game with her and she won’t be defeated
She’s a good girl, unhappy girl
I wonder whatever happened to her

She’d take her time and then she’d change her mind
I say I can’t go on and she’d end up crying
She’s a good girl, unhappy girl
I wonder whatever happened to her

She’s a good girl with a mind of her own
Never stopping to think she might end up alone
So she’ll smile and say I’m so happy today
But you never know when she’ll turn to stone

She threw me out
She’ll do me in
All she wants is her innocence
She’s a good girl, unhappy girl
I wonder whatever happened to her

Bump and Grind

Written By: M. Bonfire

I know what I gotta do and how to do it
I can't take the mundane life
I'm sick of this shit
If you could change it all, your own destiny
Would you be willing to make a killing for me?
If you do the bump, I'll do the grind
If you do the bump, oh baby, I'll do the grind
I see it all now, living high off the hog
C-notes, Dom Perignon, pate for the dog
We'll do it at midnight when no one can see
Chop chop for you and hamburg for me
If you do the bump....
Murder is easy
Just like 1-2-3
Anyone can do it
Just ask the Police (2)

A toast to good fortune, to partners in crime
Valpolicella with some sweet cyanide
If you do the bump....