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Marsellus @ Head on the Door

Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Marsellus @ Rooster's

Auburn, Alabama, USA

Auburn, Alabama, USA

Marsellus @ The Green Room

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Emo rock trio from Alabama in the same vein as Jimmy Eat World and Hot Rod Circuit. - Flagpole Magazine

Fresh from stints with other area bands, a round of margaritas and Mexican food led to an entirely new musical opportunity for Josh Carples, Dillon Fiore and [Tucker Henderson]. One jam session later, branded by a moniker borrowed from a Quentin Tarantino film, and Marsellus was born.

The trio debuted July 9 at 1048 after several months holed up in a closet-sized storage facility creating and fine-tuning their first body of songs. Their first demo, a collection of three songs, was recorded over three days at a local studio.

Marsellus' 1048 debut provided a lift for the band.

"We got a lot of really positive feedback, and the crowd was great," says Carples, guitarist and vocalist for Marsellus. "It was pretty packed in there, and the crowd gave us a very warm welcome. It was a lot of fun."

Forging a new route as a trio and breaking the traditional mold for bands as four-or five-piece outfits has inherent challenges, Carples says.

"Before, if I hit a wrong chord or something, it didn't matter as much because there was another guitarist. It matters a little more now," Carples says.

Inspiration for Marsellus' works comes from the members' life experiences, they say. "We write music that we like, music that we would listen to if we were not in the band," Carples says. "We just hope others like it as well."

"Lyrically, inspiration comes from life itself. There are so many different things that we experience, and all these experiences put together embody this concept of 'life.' It's all personal, but at the same time, we think that the listener is able to feel the meaning of the song for themselves," Carples says.

Marsellus worked with Andy Jackson of Hot Rod Circuit and Kevin Palmer of Trust Company, to complete the recording, which, according to the band, should be available soon to the public, and contains the original songs "Promise and Goodbye," "Any Sleepless Night" and "The Escapee." The band has created 11 songs since its inception.

"It was different than the previous projects I've been involved with," Carples says of the recording process for the demo. "Each studio has a different feel, and it makes a lot of difference who you work with." As of yet, the band has not set a date to make the CD available to the public, however, online visitors may stream all three songs in their entirety free from the band's web site:

"Hopefully, the demo will help us get some more shows booked,and eventually we will record a full-length [CD]," Carples says.

For more information on Marsellus, including photographs, a forum, links, tour dates and news, log on to
- Joseph O. Patton, Capital City Free Press,


self-titled EP, featuring the songs "Promise and Goodbye", "Any Sleepless Night" and "The Escapee."

Tracks can be heard on,, 95.1 the Fox ( and 95.9/104.9 the Tiger (


Feeling a bit camera shy


What does Marsellus look like?

While the faces of Marsellus have changed at times, the band's core sound and drive have only progressed to form a full, cohesive sound that most three-piece bands can only capture in dreams.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Josh Carples (formerly of 12th Hour and Cast Iron Star), Marsellus brings memorable and interesting guitar arrangements that mix with strong, genuine and
melodic vocals.

Bassist Dillon Fiore (formerly of Closer to Nowhere) adds a solid rhythmic foundation to the music of Marsellus, using bass lines that stand out from what would be labeled "normal." Fiore is a bassist who is not afraid to experiment, using the bass not only to enhance the rhythm, but also to assist in leading the song's direction.

After the demise of the band Weeks Even, Tucker Henderson joined Marsellus to fill the void left by previous drummers, giving Marsellus' music an even stronger and more solid backbone.

The band released their first e.p. in September 2005, featuring the songs "Promise and Goodbye," "Any Sleepless Night" and "The Escapee," which has been very well-received. It was recored with
Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit, Safety in Numbers) and Kevin Palmer (Amity Lane, Trust Company) at Jackelope studio in Montgomery, AL, hometown of Marsellus.

Marsellus' energetic live performances have earned them slots opening for bands such as Mute Math (Teleprompt Records), Silvertide (J Records/Arista Records), Pepper's Ghost, Adelyn and Radiant*. Be sure not to miss Marsellus when they arrive at a town near you.