Well known as the lead singer and piano player for Soular, Marsh is
burgeoning on his solo career with a new recording to be released later this year. In addition to his dynamic and sultry vocals, and versatility playing piano, guitar, synthesizer and a variety of other instruments; Marsh is an accomplished songwriter, producer and composer.
Performing on the road with his band Soular, Marsh is now ready to take
the stage, without his well known counter parts, and present some of his more personal songs. Pensive and acute lyrics, with distinct and sincere compositions that are absolutely convincing and musically often translate bigger than life, Marsh is ready to share himself with an audience as completely and genuinely as an artist can.


Marsh "Finding Who We Are" 2001
SOULAR "self titled" 2003
SOULAR "Time & Space" 2004
SOULAR "Waiting For Tomorrow" 2005
SOULAR "Love Crash Heal" 2007
Marsh "Colour Motion Picture" 2009

Set List

My sets can vary as much as anyone wants or needs... i'm not a cover artist by trade but love to share some of my favourite artist's songs as well.

Winter Waste
Mr. Sunshine
Little Cheater
Go One Get Her Tonight
Nobody Does It Better
A Place To Rest My Head
Virtual Tinnitus
Miles Away
Happiness Is A Warm Gun