Marshall Chiles

Marshall Chiles


Marshall Chiles is one of the most unique comedians of today. His comedy based on his life, current events, and whatever energy is in the room. Every comedy showis different because Marshall performs from "in the moment" allowing the audience to experience fresh comedy.


Marshall is the type of comedian who likes to say something other than jokes, but not alienate the audience. Most of his jokes are based on just being goofy and fun, and then when he addresses current events, politics or religion, the audience accepts the joke as a joke.

Marshall's comedy influence range anywhere from Dennis Miller, to Chris Rock, to Robin Williams, to Johnny Carson, to Steve Martin and then back to Dennis Miller... and any comedian that understands the value of being in the moment while on stage.

Set List

- Growing Up Poor
- The Lottery
- Being Married
- Family Life
- Rednecks
- Deer Hunting
- Picking Up Girls
- Misc Current Events
- Sports
- Living a Sober Life