Marshall Neumann

Marshall Neumann


You have 30 seconds? Check out part of a song under the audio tab and decide for yourself! "I have Ad-libbed an entire song on stage in the past that came off pretty well. Anyone who writes or performs can appreciate this because it's not the most common or easiest thing to."


Marshall Neumann’s music formulates a progressive mix of alternative, rock and blues mixed in with a hint of jazz. With influences ranging from Van Morrison to Erykah Badu, “pleasantly strange brew” is a likely response you’ll get when inquiring about his music.

Marshall Neumann has played all over the country, from Minnesota to South Carolina. His music fits in with all types of shows, from
coffeeshops to festivals and major venues. Sometimes referred to as “the beach experience”, Marshall Neumann fronted the band “Bret Hush” in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina alongside Tracy Chapman’s cousins, Abasi and Khalil Chapman. Prior to the beach experience, Marshall played and sat-in with many blues players around the Twin Cities.
Currently back in the Twin Cities, he is working on a “solo” venture with bass accompaniment, Alex Lake.

Marshall Neumann’s music will only continue to spread like wildfire and yes, he is ready to fill YOUR space with unforgettable tunes.


2005: Bret Hush

Request the Current Situation on K94 Rocks internet radio.

Set List

Current Situation
Get Movin
Free Electron
(And More...)

Sets can be anywhere from one hour to four hours in length. Typically no covers, however does usually work Tin Pan Alley and Stormy Monday into the mix.