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State College, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

State College, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Marshmellow Overcoat - On Safari"


They look it too - in fact I’d be interested in exploring the wilderness if I knew it might lead me to find where they dig their interesting sound from.

This trio are audibly sporting more roots than my local woods and sound truly great for it. Refusing to unearth anything younger than 40 years, they commit a lot of their guitar sound to Beatles and Neil Young - like inspirations, channelled at the audience through a peppery-powerful electro-acoustic line.

’Over Me’, ’Faces On The Floor‘, ‘,Girl with The Red Hair‘, ‘Life Is Complicated‘, ‘She’s a Winner’, ’How to Let Go’ and ’Something Sun’ are songs that are not made today, simple as but if these three young men say they’re allowed to, I for one will never intend to argue.

Infectious hooks and simple tunes that rarely overstay their space are the foundations that the golden age of guitar-led rock n’ roll was created on, lest we forget. With this second record, MMO are not sitting around when it comes to reminding us how it is. Fantastic old fashioned American music done with guts.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Beatles, Lynyrd Skynrd, Neil Young & Bob Dylan
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"RadioIndy Review of "On Safari""

The Rock group, Marshmellow Overcoat, releases their second excellent album, "On Safari." This CD is composed of well crafted songs reminiscent of the '60's with an easy listening style and terrific vocals. Opening up the album, "Over Me," moves with a nice beat and catches your attention with solid vocals and impressive harmonies. "Nothing's Ever Been the Same," is another song with wonderful vocals that rock to the smooth rhythm of the guitars and drums. When you hear the song, "Another Way to Hide," you will be taken back to a time when music was simplistic and grooved with a fun, free flowing style. This band is fantastic with their musical style of the 1960's as they revive a style of music from the past with songs that are original and melodic. If you are a huge Beatles fan, then the superb album, "On Safari," is one you will really enjoy as it is nostalgic throwback to the great music of the '60's.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team - RadioIndy

"CD Baby "On Safari" Album Review"

Marshmellow Overcoat, not to be confused with Marshmallow Overcoat, the Arizona band from the paisley underground movement, is Tyler Calkins on guitar and vocals, Dave Verbocy on bass guitar, guitars and vocals, and Anthony Cavallaro on drums. Where this western Pennsylvanian band does share a love for 60s and 70s music with the older band, the trio holds tight to keeping their music relevant to today. Their sophomore release, On Safari, does just that. With Mark Frigo (Indigo Girls, Nicole C. Mullen, Patty Loveless), manning the console’s toggles and switches, the guys have left their 2009 debut, Dominique’s Garden and Brigade, in the dust. The only strong connection remaining is the stellar songwriting.

“Over Me,” is a perfect opener, immediately showcasing the marriage of Calkin’s sharp songwriting with the strong rhythmic sensibility of the band’s music. Calkin’s gruff, John Kay-like (Steppenwolf) vocals work with the guitar to aid the wit and charm of the lyric. Some simple harmony background vocals add to the song’s strength and personality.

The “Sweet Jane” acoustic intro of “Faces On The Floor” is not the only similarity to the Velvet Underground here. The two bands share an austere minimalist approach. Anthony ‘Cav’ Cavallaro’s drums shine in the way Mo Tucker’s does in the Velvets, and the loss and tumble style is pure rock and roll. In contrast, “Life Is Complicated,” “Around Here,” and “How To Let Go” don’t use drums at all. That isn’t to say that they are without pulse. “Life is Complicated” is driven by Verbocy’s bass and fortified by Calkin’s keyboards. It also sports a short lead guitar solo, conspicuous in its absence on the album.

The rollicking “Girl With The Red Hair” features one of Calkin’s best vocals and an echo-y 12-string guitar lick akin to The Stone’s “Under My Thumb.” It offers the lyrical warning: “some girls are good, but this one?/just stay away.” A trio of songs capture the more mournful, introspective side of the band. “How To Let Go” has the feel of one of the sadder Goerge Harrison songs, a bit desperate and lonely. Over harmonium keyboarding you hear: ” ‘Cause you don’t know how to let go/and let me be me again/ ’cause you don’t know how to let go of the feeling you.” “Another Way To Hide” channels Gene Clark and Arlo Guthrie. The last of this trio is “Goin’ To Williamsport.” A truly beautiful intertwining of music and lyrics opens the song, but as the song picks up a little steam you are overcome by a waterfall of lyrics that leave the listener trying to catch his breath.

“Something Sun” is the lighthearted joy of the album. It is comforting, friendly and light. Short on lyrics, it is largely an instrumental ode a girl called Something Sun. The lovely vocal interlude “cause you know me,/you know how I can be” features a mind catching breezy high harmony that slaps a smile on your face.

The anthemic “Live On” wraps up On Safari. One of the best things a song can do is bring to mind other things with the lyrics written. Here the band pays homage to ecology, human right, the human race, the future and change in general. The chorus brings it into perspective. “This is all we are saying, there’s a chance that we might not love on/This is all we are saying we must change things or there’s a chance we won’t live on.” These words bring so much to mind, there is no need for the band to say a lot more. It is reminiscent of John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance” in that respect lyrically and musically. Both have that sing-a-long quality that helps the ideas in the song get a deep hold. The song and album ends with a single fading acoustic guitar finishing things up in a most appropriate manner.

With their second album, On Safari, Marshmellow Overcoat show enormous growth lyrically and especially musically. There is no reason not to expect that to continue.

Review by Bob Felberg
Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5) - Ariel Promotions

""On Safari""

Full album review coming soon - CD Baby

""On Safari" Album Review"

There's a nice '70s folk-rock vibe floating throughout most of On Safari, the new LP from the Pennsylvania trio Marshmellow Overcoat. At times I think that lead singer Tyler Calkins is trying to pull off a Tom Waits/Bob Dylan gruff sound (which he isn't good at), as opposed to simply singing (which he does quite well). I'll direct you to standout tracks like "She's a Winner" and "Another Way to Hide," which brings to mind Your Blues-era Destroyer. - WLUR 91.5 FM

"Goin' To Williamsport"

Marshmellow Overcoat has managed to update the 60's with inventive arrangements, unique melodies and lyrics that stride that fine line between obscure and accessible. - Taxi

"December's Featured Artists"

Marshmellow Overcoat will be our featured artist for the first week of December. With the release of their classic rock-infused effort "On Safari," the band is entering the national scene. A large tour will be following in the spring. Highlights include "Another Way To Hide," "Faces On The Floor," and "Nothing's Ever Been The Same." - ArtistPR


"On Safari" (Album, 2010)
"Marshmellow Overcoat 3" (Album, 2012)

Turn The Light On/Hey Hey Lila (2009)
Faces On The Floor/Nothing's Ever Been The Same (2010)

Currently receiving airplay on many college stations with the new single "She's Got Revolution"



Marshmellow Overcoat - Classic Rock for Today

Tyler Calkins and Dave Verbocy started Marshmellow Overcoat in 2008 after playing solo acoustic shows for some time. Soon the duo added drummer Anthony 'Cav' Cavallaro, and began recording and performing full-time. Marshmellow Overcoat is focused on making solid albums with classic rock-style songwriting and musicianship. In 2010 the band released the album "On Safari" with the help of veteran engineer Marc Frigo. It garnered many positive reviews and showcased the band's songwriting.

Marshmellow Overcoat is determined to work for their success, with the focus always remaining on writing great songs and giving performances that give audiences what they want. At concerts, audiences can also expect to hear rollicking versions of many of their favorite classic and modern rock songs, with new band members Ryan Cannon and Greg Macfarlane adding tasteful musicianship to Tyler's songwriting.