Marstin and the Revelators

Marstin and the Revelators

 Bath, England, GBR

Charismatic with charm and drama. Its serious but yet hillarious and will most definetly make you smile. Its sarcasic.. or is it? Its waltz but it's country.. It flipping rocks! Clever rhymes and choice of words. Always rythmical and will make you sing. These are songs that ger stuck in your head


In search civilization and soul mates Marstin went to merry England. There on a beach he found three diligent and absurdly handsome gentlemen whom revealed to him the secrets of old. These guys were known as the Revelators.

Showcasing a masterful blend of folk rock mixed with elements of blues and country, and influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Kings of Leon, Marstin and the Revelators roll out everything from wholesome grooves and heart-warming ballads, to refreshing theatrics and storytelling shenanigans. Since forming in early 2008 and making their nest in the West Country, these four handsomely dressed young men have played at festivals in Iceland and the Faroe islands, have won three competitions in the UK and have made people dance in various venues up and down the length and breadth of merry England.


The lion and the bear.

Written By: M.M. i Grund

Out of the eater something to eat
And of the strong something sweet
Out of the eater something to eat
And of the strong something swet
-What is sweeter than honey what is stronger than the lion

With a donkey jaw bone i made donkeys out of them
With a donkey jaw bone i have killed a thousand men
- This is where we killed the lion and the bear

Out on the battlefield you can hear the great giants mock
Out on the field a young shepherd boy is watching is flock
Might be the youngest of them
brave valient men
- Dont hold me back, mister Saul i killed the lion.. i killed the lion and the bear!


Set List

It depends. Everything from a two hour set to one or wto songs.

Most songs are originals. If it happends that they cover a song they always make it sound like their own song. They play it with integrity and the song has been wisely chosen.