Cirque du Vampyre

Cirque du Vampyre


Cirque du Vampyre travels worldwide performing their virtuosic concerts, combining bizarre costumes, theater, and cirque aerialists. The illusion takes you to another world of heros and monsters.


Cirque du Vampyre is Tour de Force as they perform electric cello and violin donned in Medieval Armour Their original music is the embodiment of Heroic Romanticism.

Cirque du Vampyre has stunned audiences worldwide with extreme virtuosic performance for Cirque du Soleil, Vegas Casinos and corporate events for Goggle, Microsoft, Toyota, Toshiba, Fox, Disney, NFL, and PGA.


16 albums, 2 dvds
PBS Special airs June 22-30 2009

Set List

5 minutes to 5 hours. Often a concert is a 30-45 minute set.