marta collica

marta collica

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

“Pop as a warm chill” (Intro)“About Anything is timeless and blurs the border between musical dreaming and obscurity.” (MOTOR-DE)“Her lyrics are a search for the voice of the streets at night.” (SPEX)“With About Anything managed to dip some of her pieces into shimmering sound bath, which one is only too happy to get immersed into.(Dorfdisco-DE)


Marta is an eclectic Italian songwriter, singer and instrumentalist and in the last ten years has been touring and collaborating with many international musicians and songwriters.
She began singing with the Australian-Italian group Micevice, and since 2004 is a key member of the John Parish band (English composer and producer for PJ Harvey, Eels, Tracy Chapman, etc.).
Well known for her collaboration with the Australian songwriter Hugo Race in their outfit Sepiatone (Desvelos IT, Minty Fresh rec. Usa), she's a founding member of the international collective Songs with Other Strangers together with the songwriters John Parish, Hugo Race, Steve Wynn, Stef Kamil Carlens, Cesare Basile and Manuel Agnelli.
Marta now based in Berlin, tours in Europe also with her solo project presenting songs from her two solo albums (“Pretty and Unsafe” Desvelos, IT 07 / “About Anything” Solaris Empire , DE 010) and finished the third album of Sepiatone with Hugo Race, entitled “Echoes On” which will be released worldwide at the end of 2012 by Interbang Records

Beside singing, Marta plays guitar, piano, rhodes, hammond, synth, guitar, percussions - her original style combines minimal arrangements and a "unique kind of playing, stumbling unpredictably between delicacy and distortion" (Thrill Jockey USA)
Critics describe the unmistakable character of her voice which with its "indifferent intensity, evokes the slightly disquieting atmosphere of a road movie in slow motion" commenting on the delicate soul and psychedelic tangents of her songs.

Her more recent collaborations as vocalist are on recordings by the post Blues collective Angel Ros, on the Lilium aka Pascal Humbert's album Felt (Woven Hand). In Berlin she collaborates as writer and performer with the electronic artist Sebastian Meissner (Klimek), composed experimental soundtracks for the works of the Brasilian director Jean De Oliveira and for the successful installation Feedback, curated by the American artist Danielle De Picciotto.

Last May in Paris she began the project "Playing Carver" taking part to an intensive residency and performance, produced together with John Parish, the French band Atlas Crocodile, Marc Chonier (Gaspard La Nuit), based on the writings of Raymond Carver. The following June, invited as a representative of the International music scene living in Berlin, she created music and performed at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, for "Über Lebenskunst 2012", Initiative for Culture and Sustainability.


About Anything (2009 DE-2010 IT)
Pretty and Unsafe (2007)
In Sepiatone (2001) - Darksummer (2005) -
An Introduction to Sepiatone (2008)
MICEVICE: Experiments on the Duration of Love (1998)
Experiments on the Duration of Love (reissued 2008)
Once Upon a Little Time (2005)
Plum (2007)

Klimek: Movies Magic (2010)
Lilium: Felt (2010)
HUGO RACE + TRUE SPIRIT Last Frontier (1999) The Goldstreet Sessions (2003)Taotist Priests (2006) 53rd State (2008)
HUGO RACE: The Merola Matrix (2003)
CESARE BASILE: Stereoscope (1998)Closet Meraviglia (2001) In Coda (2003 – ep)Gran Calavera Elettrica (2003) Fratello Gentile (2005 – ep) Hellequin Song (2006)
SONGS FOR ULAN: You Must Stay Out (2006)
THE DINING ROOMS:Numero Deux (2001) Experiments in Ambient Soul (2005)
Lo.Mo: Camere da Riordinare (2005)
MICEVICE: United Bipolars of the World - Stop Here: Love Store (2002)