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Elwood, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Elwood, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Duo Folk Americana




"Marta Pacek, This Ain’t Hollywood, May 27/14"

Australian alt-folk songstress Marta Pacek is fresh off an Australia tour and ready to bring her new album, Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms (the album was released in North America on April 29th), to Canada this spring. She’s making a stop in Hamilton on Tuesday, May 27th at This Ain’t Hollywood.

“I was open to a lot of different ideas this time out”, says Marta. This would explain the presence of electronic drumbeats on Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms.

Marta nods to Fleetwood Mac in “All I Need” and “Not Leaving Here Alone” would feel right at home on a Tarantino soundtrack. Two standout tracks are “Pass Me Over” where Marta channels Joan Baez and “One Day” which was written with noted songwriter Todd Clark (Pilot Speed, Philip Phillips, Goo Goo Dolls), there being an additional version of the song to end the album.

Marta’s first songs were written and recorded with Mark Seymour, front man of iconic Australian group Hunters & Collectors. It’s clear his song crafting secrets were passed on to her. Since Toronto-based management lured her to Toronto in 2008, Marta has had an amazing journey.

She won Best International Artist at the Barrie New Music Festival in 2009, Best Alt Country Song International at the Canberra Country Music Festival in 2011 and opened for David Cassidy in Phoenix. She currently splits her time between Australia and Canada when not touring.

Her cover of Patty Griffin’s song “Nobody’s Crying” was featured on the ABC/Global series Rookie Blue, she’s written for the TV series Radio Man and licensed her music for film. All of which she hopes to do more off.

And she’s toured. A lot. Bringing her music to her ever-growing fan base in Troubadoria – her live-in touring van. She is a modern-day gypsy.

With Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms, Marta has harnessed an abundance of experiences into an album of personal confessions and a soundscape perfect for taking that long and reflective drive.

If you love alt country you won’t want to miss Marta’s performance at This Ain’t Hollywood.

After spending the past two years touring North America and Australia behind her last album Rebel Baby, Marta was ready to stretch and grow in the studio. Her new songs caught the interest of producer Brad Albetta (Martha Wainwright, Angus & Julia Stone, Glen Hansard) who also brought his bass playing and the aforementioned beats to the project. The potential heard on Rebel Baby has been harnessed and Marta’s new songs are a testament to her growing songwriting ability.

The album starts off with the pulsating and haunting feel of “The Hunted”, then “Nothing Going On” begins with a surprising hip hop feel taking the listener on a journey back to 50s rock ‘n’ roll. “Favourite Thing” veers into Alt Country before pulling at your heartstrings with the sombre “Sometimes You Lose” and “Thar She Blows”. - Monkey Biz

"CMW spotlight top 10 under the radar acts"

Melbourne alt-country singer affiliated with Australian rock legend Mark Seymour.

Johnny Jackson (587 College), Wednesday (May 7), 10 pm, $10; and Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel (525 Bay), May 8, 12:50 am, free. - Now Magazine

"Vapor Music Artist of The Week"

Sometimes, the perfect song for a scene already exists, and it’s just a matter of finding it. Other times, it needs to be created. The singular song in tonight’s episode of Rookie Blue was an exciting opportunity for Vapor to go into our very own studio and collaborate with the incredibly talented Marta to record a cover version of Patty Griffin’s “Nobody’s Crying” – a favourite of series Executive Producer and Director David Wellington. We knew that nobody could capture the raw emotion of the song as well as Marta, and could not be happier with how the tune turned out. We can’t wait to hear what you think after listening!

- Vapor Music website

"Rebel Baby review by Jaimie Vernon"

MARTA PACEK “Rebel Baby”

The title of Marta Pacek’s third record is truly deceiving. The word rebel conjures up either cinema icon James Dean or Civil War re-enactors pointing bayonets at each other on sweltering July weekends in Gettysburg. Pacek is neither of these things. In fact, her songs and her music aren’t so much against the status quo as they are a measure of her ability to alter the perception of the music listener. A rebellion would mean a single, monosyllabic drive against authority. Instead, what we have on this record is controlled anarchic diversity – it pushes AND pulls simultaneously. Hmm…maybe that’s the rebel’s job after all. Pacek flirts with all manner of country-equated styles throughout the 12 tracks: Canadiana (“These Days”, “Milk & Honey”, “A Way to Fall”, “Nobody’s Crying”), uptempo and boppy 1950s Kitty Wells-styled shuffles (“A Girl Gets By”, “Over to Your Side”), Edith Piafian Romanish/Gypsy folk (“Twisted With Love”, “Let Me Down”), Alt-Country (“Back In the Middle”, “Annie”), and even melodic Everything But the Girl post-punk Brit pop (“In the Name of Love”, “Think It Over”). Pacek’s voice recalls the more dynamic pursuits of Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins and 10,000 Maniacs’ Natalie Merchant. There’s a little for everyone here and repeated listens reveal the subtle contributions of the album’s other players including the guitar presence of co-writer Neil Murchison. Pacek herself wrote, co-wrote and co-produced the majority of tracks on the album with the lone ‘cover’ tune being “Nobody’s Crying” by Patty Griffin. The album is a great collaborative listen and is recommended for those looking for something completely removed from the Country music genre but orbiting the same solar system. - LIfe's A Canadian Blog

"Marta Pacek Takes On The Dakota Tavern"

When you think of a Tavern, Dakota is that image. From the barn doors on the wall to the water barrel seats, The Dakota is a tavern in the twenty first century. And Marta Pacek fits in perfectly. Hitting the stage performing songs from her up in coming album Rebel Baby--which will be released in April--she really makes you feel at home in this dim-lit atmosphere.

Marta does touring and promoting for her albums in a whole new way. Who needs another t-shirt that will just fade and shrink as the years pass by? Marta uses a different method; she sells jewelry, scents and wooden iPhone covers to promote her music. “Because we're touring a lot next year, I want it to be portable in the van. I don’t want to be taking 200 t-shirts on the road with me. Jewelry is much more compact,” says Marta.

Everyone looks to their parents, sisters, brothers or other role models in their life for advice at some point. Well, for aspiring singers and songwriters, Marta offers a great piece of wisdom for honing your craft. “Just write, just write. Whatever you do just keep writing from the heart don’t worry about the audience. Write.”

After releasing a new album and doing a tour, some artists tend to fade from the spotlight for a while. But fans need not worry--Marta Pacek is not fading anytime soon. “It’s too late, I just bought a tour bus. I can’t quit.” - Faze Magazine

"Aussie Folk Artist Marta Pacek: "Canada is my second home""

It’s not uncommon for Australians to land in British Columbia upon arriving in Canada – forming a connection with the country as they discover it through the lenses of the beautiful West coast scenery and laidback demeanor. Next, they may dash across Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and East Coast soil – playing folk music, the spirit of which speaks to journeying – is one of the greatest ways to secure even more of a Canadian home away from home.

Such is the case for Australian singer and songwriter Marta Pacek who came to Canada with a guitar and pocketful of hometown success – hoping to get her feet wet in international waters. After being eyed by Toronto-based management, the neo-folk Aussie began receiving numerous collaboration opportunities within Canada, as well as the US and Europe. Despite opening for David Cassidy, performing with the Gala Orchestra in Milan and filming a music video at New York City’s famous Hotel Chelsea during her introductory North American years, it was the heartwarming Canadian experience that struck a chord with the artist.

“I feel like I have such a Canadian connection,” says Pacek.

“I feel like I have such a Canadian connection,” says Pacek, who is now based out of New York City. “It really is my second home. When I decided to come to Canada I was still kind of finding my way, but once I arrived, I felt this sense of discovery when I stepped outside of my comfort zone, hoping to land on my feet.”

And those feet have been hustling.

As her new tour van’s rolling wheels growl beneath a thick accent, Pacek tells the tale of her typically memorable and lovely, touring expedition with her latest release Rebel Baby. Beginning in the great West, passing through the noisy metropolises of Ontario and Quebec (which she still boasts are “friendlier” than those in her new US hometown) and on to the folk enthusiast centers of Canada’s East Coast – Marta has tried to focus her tour experience on the promotion of her album – as well as stirring creative juices for the next, less heartbroken one.

“The last album was centered on bad concepts and melancholy concepts – and they were real experiences, unfortunately – but I’m hoping maybe over the summer I might write some things that are non-romance related; that some real writing will come out of this tour. Maybe songs about the sun,” she laughs.

For the soul-searching songstress, she’s wedged herself into the right genre.

“Folk music is about real things and real people,” she says.

“Folk music is about real things and real people,” she says. “I played a show a week before I played my album release at an Aussie music festival. And this lady approached me with tears in her eyes because her daughter had just separated

from her husband and she needed to buy my album to help her daughter heal – she thought her daughter would be helped. Now that was really mind-blowing.”

Whether she knows it or not, the essence of folk music sounds just as Marta does while her charming and ever-so-grateful disposition hollers over the highway sounds. Folk – every twang and every forlorn confession – has the sublime ability sound, if nothing else, down to earth. - Ottawa Life Magazine


MARTA: This Australian singer/songwriter has at least temporarily relocated to Toronto, and she’s a talented artist worthy of attention. She recently put out a six song EP, All the Good Ones Have Gone, predominantly featuring songs she co-wrote with famed Aussie rocker MARK SEYMOUR (HUNTERS & COLLECTORS). Marta recently opened for Seymour on Ontario dates, and is now often gigging around town. OTB caught her at The Gladstone, and was impressed by her clean and pure vocals (AIMEE MANN is one reference point), her fine band (including former CRYBABY members), and melodic material that mixed pop and roots elements. The ballad “Isabella” shone, and a spirited cover of THE WATERBOYS’ “Fisherman’s Blues” closed out the set. We caught just a few songs of the next band, THE HUNTING HORNS. Their dramatic songs displayed a NICK CAVE influence, which is never a bad thing. -

"Canadian Connections: Marta Pacek says she writes about heartbreak and boys"

“I can’t multiply — numbers,” she tells me.

This lighthearted humour is hardly representative of the themes in Marta Pacek’s music, where she lyrically entwines stories of relationships and heartbreak.

Pacek was quite cheery when we spoke, but she said her music comes from a much more melancholic base.

“My music is alternative country — like darkish, moody, brooding, folky country,” she said.

Since moving to Canada in 2008, Pacek said the Canadian scene has affected how she writes.

“I guess I’m sort of a proud member of the roots-folk community in Toronto. I think there’s a Canadian style of writing that’s very confessional and poetic,” she said.

Pacek said it’s only natural she ended up in Canada to continue her music career.

“Sometimes when I play in Australia people say, ‘You don’t even sound Australian,’” she said.

I asked about some of Pacek’s favourite performance venues. Her response, you might say, is evidence of her Canadian experience.

“I can tell you where I like to drink,” she said.

Pacek appears to be quite blessed with such a sincere enjoyment of the art form.

“When somebody has watched my show, bought my CD, downloaded it or just listened to my music somehow and they’ve connected with it, it makes me feel good,” she said.

“It sounds so egotistical, but it’s me wanting to be a part of other peoples’ lives, and that’s the most rewarding part of it.”

- Queen's University Journal

"Sultry Songstress Marta"

"Sultry songstress Marta Pacek’s latest release Rebel Baby is a sexy, neo-folk serenade. This Canadian by way of Poland and Australia has been causing a quiet storm of late, touring and recording her way across the Americas and Europe. Catch her on-record and in concert to see and hear what the buzz is all about". Jon Regen - Playboy Romania

"All the Good Ones Have Gone"

Singer-songwriter Marta knows her way around a studio and it shows on this EP. It has bundles of deep taut bass and explicit highs.
Marta ranges from sophisticated country to rollicking blues rock. Her soaring, searing voice will ensure your CD player stays on repeat mode.
PETER FAMILARI - Herald Sun Peter Familari


Still working on that hot first release.



Marta Pacek, grew up on the outskirts of Australia's capital Canberra. She now splits her time between Melbourne, AU and Brooklyn NY. 

She began her career writing and recording with Mark Seymour, front man of iconic Australian group Hunters & Collectors. With a handful of songs she had co-written with Seymour, Marta recorded her debut EP with Cameron McKenzie and Mark Seymour. She later went on to record a further 4 tracks with producer Danny Simcic (Real Life Send Me An Angel) and UK ex-pat Martin Van Hoof Jenkins to complete her self-titled full release.

In 2008, Marta was approached by Toronto-based management and found her way to Canada. Within a year, Marta was opening for her collaborator, Mark Seymour on his North American tour.

Since then she has taken the time to hone her craft while living and touring throughout the U.S. and Canada.
In November 2010, Marta was awarded Best Alternative-Country song for her single A girl gets by at the Canberra Country Music Awards, She also won Best International Artist for her single Loving is easy at the New Music Festival, Ontario Canada.

She has graced stages big and small having showcased at many national and international music festivals and conferences including, Queenscliff Music Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, St Kilda Music Festival, Mount Beauty Music Festival, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, Folk Music Ontario Conference and Indie Week Canada. She also opened for the Partridge Family's David Cassidy in Phoenix, AZ as part of the Marriott Hotel Music program.

During her European dates, Marta was approached by classical conductor Giancarrlo Urso and first violinist Maurizio Azzarello with an interest in writing orchestral arrangements of her compositions. As part of a special live DVD release featuring tracks from Rebel Baby, Marta returned to Italy in December 2010 for a Christmas concert backed by the Gala Orchestra of Milan in the 18th century Teatro Di Sociale.

Marta's intense and moody writing style has gained her attention in the film & television industry recently when her cover of Patty Griffins Nobody's Crying was licensed for use in ABC's popular television series Rookie Blue, seen by over 7 million viewers in the U.S., and millions more worldwide. She also wrote the song In The Name Of Love to be licensed for Canadian Director Devaashish Khannas film Fondi 91.

In 2012 she released her second full length album Rebel Baby with Jason Mercer (Ani DiFranco & Ron Sexsmith) and emerging artist Peirson Ross. Rebel Baby featuring 27 world-class musicians including Canadian alt-country artist Justin Rutledge on backing vocals and Jerome Godboo (Phantoms) on harmonica.

Marta's third full-length album Voodoo Dolls & False Alarms was released in March 2014. For this release she worked with American producer Brad Albetta (Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thompson, Angus and Julia Stone). A slight departure from her alt-country leanings sees Albetta experimenting with electronic drumbeats behind her neo-folk compositions.

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